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Public transport was thinned out by more train and post bus routes on Thursday. It was the third step of the reduction announced by SBB and Postauto Switzerland.

Before starting a trip, it is important to consult the online door-to-door timetable, as regional traffic is also severely affected, SBB media spokesman Martin Meier said on Thursday when asked by the Keystone-SDA news agency.

So far, the change to the thinned timetable has started well. Due to the Corona crisis, demand at SBB has dropped by up to 80 percent. According to Meier, a further frequency reduction can be expected. According to the transition schedule, certain IC and interregio trains will be canceled in whole or in part.

TGV will no longer run from Saturday

Rail traffic between Switzerland and France will be reduced from Saturday. The last two active connections of the TGV Lyria from Geneva and Basel to Paris will be temporarily canceled, as the SBB and Lyria announced.

On April 2nd there will be a further reduction in train connections. Intercity and interregio connections are affected.

According to the SBB, the trains always run in full length so that “social distancing” can be implemented. Public transport does everything possible to maintain a basic offer for society and the economy. The ticket requirement continues to apply.

Night trains have not been running since March 19. The train stations are also closed at night on weekends. International trains within Switzerland only run to the border.

Postbus traffic also thinned out

Postauto Switzerland is also thinning the offer in several steps: last Monday, Thursday and March 30th. PostBus recorded around 80 percent fewer passengers throughout Switzerland, it was said on request. However, there are differences depending on the region: in French-speaking Switzerland and for some time now in Ticino, there are only a few or often no passengers.

Little traffic left: SBB and regional transport companies are gradually reducing the timetable due to the coronavirus crisis. Photo: Anthony Anex, Keystone

Little traffic left: SBB and regional transport companies are gradually reducing the timetable due to the coronavirus crisis. Photo: Anthony Anex, Keystone

The changeover basically worked well. In the first regions, the timetables were modified last Monday, especially in southern Switzerland (Ticino and Graubunden), and the next regions followed from Thursday. The last regions (canton Basel-Land, Aargau and Solothurn) will then convert next Monday.

Basically, no lines are deleted. Rather, it is about thinning the timetables on the lines. Exceptions are certain school transport and lines with purely tourist functions or without a development function as well as night courses on weekends. Lines were also deleted here because there is currently no demand for these lines.

Off-peak travel opportunities should remain

Care will be taken to ensure that the first and last courses are maintained in order to offer transportation to people who have to work during off-peak hours, including nursing staff.

The basic supply is guaranteed, but failures, delays and breaches of connection can occur in the first period. In the entire regional passenger transport, the timetables of 1300 lines have been adjusted, of which 900 lines belong to PostBus.

The details of the transitional timetable for regional transport will be published by the respective cantons, transport associations or transport companies. The transition schedule is valid until further notice and at least until April 26, 2020. The online schedule is constantly being updated.

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