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In Berlin there is one fifth coronavirus patient died. The Tagesspiegel found out on Thursday morning. It is a 82 year old man. It is not yet known whether he had a previous illness. A fourth patient died on Wednesday of complications from coronavirus infection. It was an 83 year old man with pre-existing conditions. It was not known until Tuesday evening that a 42 year old with a sick lung after Covid 19 disease.

The Governing Mayor speaks from 10 a.m. in the House of Representatives on the situation in the corona crisis in Berlin – The meeting of the Chamber of Deputies takes place only in a shortened form. CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger demands “leadership” from Muller and appeals to solidarity among the population.

Around 90 percent is the operation at the Berlin Airports collapsed due to the corona crisis. Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) made it clear in the main committee of the House of Representatives that the Senate is considering the temporary closure.

Are currently in Berlin 1645 coronavirus cases confirmed (as of Wednesday, 4.30 p.m.). That is 220 more than the day before. 208 patients are treated in hospitals, 38 of them in intensive care units. On Tuesday there were still 112 and 26 respectively.

You can find out about the latest developments in the corona virus situation in Berlin and Brandenburg in this blog below. You can follow developments from Germany and the world in this news blog. We are accompanying developments in sports in another blog.

Background information on the corona virus:

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In East Berlin, children still go to school every day

Speaking of good ideas from Marzahn: In the east of Berlin, some children still go to school as normal – virtually. The Schlaufuchs company has digitally reconstructed a school building. And classes take place in the classes. The children see the teacher, their classmates and themselves as avatars. We first reported about it in the people’s newsletter for Marzahn-Hellersdorf. My colleague Caspar Schwietering, who currently represents me brilliantly, presents the project to you here.

Otherwise she supplies star chefs and Bellevue Palace with fruit brandies. In the corona crisis, the Marzahn distillery worries about its existence – and switches to disinfectants. She wants to donate thousands of bottles to old people’s homes.

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Senate is considering temporary Tegel closureFor Tegel Airport there are signs of a temporary closure due to the corona crisis. Air traffic at both Berlin airports was due to the many restrictions slumped by 90 percentwho had airport company Short-time work applied for their 2,200 employees. SPD traffic politician Daniel Buchholz had therefore asked for an immediate TXL closure in conversation with the Spandau people newsletter; the remaining flights could be relocated to Schonefeld. Chairman of the supervisory board, Rainer Bretschneider, also reported on relevant considerations to temporarily shut down one of the two airports.

These plans are also familiar to the Berlin Senate. “So I will not make the promise here that, for example, Tegel or another airport branch will not be temporarily closed,” said Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) on Wednesday in the main committee of the Berlin House of Representatives. Fractional groups said it was currently being examined how quickly the airport company could be released from the so-called operator obligation. The state of Berlin holds a third of the capital city airports Schonefeld and Tegel.

Kollatz spoke of double-digit million losses, that would currently be run in by the two airports. “The corona crisis hits the airports hard,” said the airport company. “To get through the crisis, everything has to be put to the test. In view of the need for support, our shareholders expect us to drastically reduce costs. “

It was initially unclear whether the federal government, as a further shareholder, could be convinced of an operational stop in Tegel. Finally, government planes take off from there. The German government had only recently confirmed that it had the Tegel site until 2029 for helicopters ready to fly.

In the following article, read the background to the debate before Kollatz ‘entry. (with dpa)

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