Corona virus: Why Spain is particularly badly affected


They kissed their cheeks, hopped, chanted and sang. Spanish ministers stood arm in arm in central Madrid on 8 March. Begona Gomez, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, also came. Together with other women, she wanted to demonstrate on World Women’s Day, 120,000 people were on the streets. Less than three weeks later, Begona Gomez tested positive for the corona virus and with her three ministers who had taken part in the women’s march.
Madrid has quickly become one of the epicentres of the corona pandemic with over 2,000 people dead. Nationwide, the virus killed over 4,000 people by Thursday, more than in China and Iran. The number of deaths rises at the same pace as in the Chinese province of Hubei at the height of the crisis there. Spain is currently experiencing a medical and political nightmare, the health system is collapsing, the intensive care units are overcrowded. Corona patients are accommodated in a large exhibition hall in Madrid because the protective clothing is missing. The bodies are stored in an ice skating arena. How could it come to this?

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