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Coronavirus: Coiffeur Piero Della Vecchia is desperate


Coiffeur Piero Della Vecchia (50) is in his salon in Winterthur ZH when BLICK visits him. No light is on. The six barber chairs are empty. Della Vecchia is sitting on one of them. With sagging shoulders and a sad look. The native Neapolitan offers an espresso. This takes a while. The coffee machine has been standing still for as long as the salon. Since the Federal Council’s decision of March 16.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out that we had to close,” he says. “I’ve hardly slept since then.” He is overwhelmed with all the administrative stuff. “Fortunately, I have a trustee who does this for me,” he says. Short-time working was requested for the two employees. For Della Vecchia yesterday an emergency loan of CHF 30,000. But the Figaro remains skeptical. “Even if I can get back to work at some point, how should I repay the loan to my bank?”

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