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Technical challenges via video, virtual search for morels, online Bible study: in this period of confinement, hobby proposals are legion in French-speaking Switzerland. A brief overview in collaboration with the Keystone-ATS regional offices.

Every day at 4 p.m., engineers Romain Roduit and Amelie Guex host “techno-snacks for the curious and curious confined” on the HES-SO Valais Youtube channel. Responsible for the promotion of engineering professions at the Haute École and collaborator at the Espace des inventions in Lausanne, Romain Roduit explains: “It’s about proposing technical challenges that everyone can do without equipment”.

The first snacks showcase Thymo, the educational robot developed by EPFL and discovered in 2018 by Valais students from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. Until now, the simulators to download had been little used, today they are becoming useful, notes Romain Roduit.

“A nice success”

Each video capsule introduces a concept (mini-robotics course) then a challenge which is corrected the next day. And it works! Internet users are at the rendezvous, it is “a nice success”, rejoices the HES-SO Valais.

Children between 8 and 12 years old represent the core target of these techno snacks. “An age when children have their eyes wide open, want to know how it works and we do not yet have a gendered approach to these jobs”.

WC paper on the back

In the canton of Neuchatel, the City of La Chaux-de-Fonds notably offers a virtual morel research workshop on a piece of land or a banner-making workshop to thank people at the front (health, safety, food, cleaning , logistics). She also invites grandparents, uncles and aunts or storytellers to tell a story or a memory by phone or WhatsApp video to the children around them.

Physical education teachers have also mobilized and since Monday send a challenge a day to their students, via a video. The first test was to throw a roll of toilet paper and catch it by holding it on your back.

April Fool

Still in the watchmaking metropolis, the International Watchmaking Museum (MIH) will be offering a Facebook quiz in the coming days on the history of watchmaking and collections. In Neuchatel, the Natural History Museum offers a wink and a few activities every day, via its Facebook page and its Instagram account.

In connection with April Fools, the establishment posted the history of the tradition, origami and a presentation of the catfish. As for the chief town’s weekly “Vivre la Ville”, it occupies families and in particular children with a drawing competition and games, including a goose game “special virus”.

Borgeaud painting

In Lausanne, the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts, which opened its doors last year, offers an activity every Monday morning to do at home, then to share on the museum’s website. This week it is a question of reproducing in photography, with its immediate environment, a painting by Marius Borgeaud dating from 1922. In addition, the institution presents each day a work from its collection, with elements of context and tracks of deepening.

Until Easter, the Protestant Training Office, which trains pastors in French-speaking Switzerland, puts a free course online every week. It allows you to study the Bible at home, at your own pace. One way to compensate for the suppression of the usual forms of spiritual life, such as cults and biblical meetings. (ats / nxp)

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