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Who does not know the Easybreath mask? This half-diving suit which covers the entire face, so practical for snorkeling or snorkeling, is now the subject of all attention in the context of the fight against the coronavirus. Because, once the tuba has been adapted and replaced by a special valve, it could be used as a protective mask for nursing staff. Tests have even been carried out in Italy to make it a respirator. This is where the first request for collaboration came from Decathlon, more precisely from the hospitals of Brescia and Bergamo, associated with the company Issinova, specialized in the manufacture of valves.

Universities, hospitals, ministries …

“For the past week, we have in fact received requests from various institutions, especially from Italy and Spain, but also from around the world because there are about as many initiatives as there are hospitals, and many of them want to test with this mask, explains Xavier Rivoire, director of external communication for Decathlon United. We are present in 70 countries, and each national Decathlon responds to requests when they come from universities, hospitals, ministries or local authorities. ” Among them, let us quote the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, or Stanford University in the United States. Many collaborations are also underway in France, the brand’s headquarters.

Available to Swiss researchers

Very serious players therefore, to whom the retailer, who developed the Easybreath, transmits the necessary patents free of charge, first among which are the 3D plans of the snorkel. “The requests are so numerous that we give priority to medical, scientific or political authorities”, specifies Xavier Rivoire.

Contacted, the CHUV in Lausanne expressed its interest, stressing that such an initiative was not on the agenda, the respirators being in sufficient quantity. “If requests come to us from Swiss doctors, engineers or researchers, we will help them in the same way as in other countries,” says Xavier Rivoire, however.

Decathlon Switzerland has not yet received any request in this direction, and has not noted any significant increase in sales on Easybreath masks since the beginning of the week. It declines however “any responsibility (…) in the event of use for purposes other than swimming or free diving, and / or in the event of modifications made to the product”.

Do not transform them yourself

The news having been disseminated on the Internet, Decathlon warns the public: the mask alone does not protect, it must be adapted and cannot be by tinkering at home. “We are not a player in health and medicine, Easybreathe is not, originally, a medical product but very sporty, and we have a responsibility to assume, insists Xavier Rivoire. We cannot prohibit people, on an individual basis, from ordering the mask on our e-commerce platforms, but we do not recommend them to make adjustments on an individual basis. ”

Decathlon is not currently in short supply of masks, and the warehouses that are still open contain enough. Additional production is not on the agenda, if at all possible in these confinement times.

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