Coronavirus: decision on high school exams 2020 – ministers agree


The corona virus messes things up all over the world. Now also the Abitur. The ministers have now agreed on a decision.

Update from March 25, 3:39 p.m .: The culture ministers of the federal states have agreed that the High Schoolexams in Germany 2020 will take place. This was confirmed by Stefanie Hubig, President of the Conference of Ministers of Culture, after a conference call with the other Ministers of Culture on Wednesday.The tests should be written everywhere by the end of the school year, “insofar as this is permitted for reasons of infection protection”. All students should have their results by the end of the summer vacation. The decision was made unanimously, it said.

The decision of the culture ministers now affects all exams, So in addition to the Abitur exams, for example, the middle-level exams after tenth grade. In principle, exams can also take place in closed schools.

Abitur in Corona: Effects on Exam Questions

However, there will be deviations between the federal states with regard to the date and the examination content. Although the exams should start on April 21, two follow-up dates have already been set (one in May and one in June).

The respective test dates would be announced well in advance so that the students could prepare, it was said. The exams could also be written in closed schools. In the exams, the federal states could also replace tasks from the central pool of exam questions with decentralized tasks.

The corona restrictions largely paralyze life in Germany. But how long will the coronavirus measures be maintained?

Corona crisis: Abitur exams 2020 are taking place

Update from March 25, 3:07 p.m .: The Abitur exams 2020 should take place. Apparently she has Corona crisis nothing to oppose the Abitur. On a telephone conference the Minister of Education a nationwide agreement was probably reached. Students do not have to expect the final exams to be canceled, reports At the present time, this step is not necessary, the ministers said.

Previously no nationwide agreements been achieved. The Minister of Education of Schleswig-Holstein caused trouble. At first she wanted to cancel the exams completely.

Abi 2020 in times of the corona crisis: Schleswig-Holstein wants to cancel

Update from March 24, 3.35 p.m .: Because of the corona-Crisis could High School– Exams in 2020 will not only be postponed – they could even be omitted entirely. For that has now Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Education Karin Prien pronounced. That reports ntv.

Accordingly, Prien wants to present a corresponding draft resolution to the cabinet on Wednesday. In addition to the Abitur, the exams for the first general education and for the middle school qualification should not take place.

Coronavirus: Abitur without exam? Teachers’ association surprises with an idea for the final grade

First report from March 24th:

Munich – It is a time when students across Germany approach with mixed feelings: the Abitur phase. On the one hand, fear that you might not pass the exams, on the other hand, anticipation, because after all you pass a loop around school and start a new phase of life.

But everything seems different this year. The reason? The corona virus *, which is currently turning everything upside down. In Bavaria it has already led to the postponement of the Abitur exams. Other federal states also postponed their Abitur in the calendar. But now it could become one Novelty come.

High school exams in coronavirus times: “Depending on how the corona situation develops …”

“Depending on how the corona situation develops, the exams can simply be carried out a little later,” said Lin-Klitzing, chair of the interest group for the high school teachers. But when is later is currently not foreseeable. If it is not possible to write the Abitur later, there are other options. And the majority of the pupils could be happy about these opportunities.

High school exams during the Corona crisis: high school without exam?

Two thirds of the Abitur grades are usually earned in the last two school years by grades in the respective courses. Combined with the last third – namely the Abitur exams – that makes up the overall grade.

“However, we do not need to force the Abitur exams for this,” says Lin-Klitzing and further, “We could also calculate this grade from the previous written tests in the examination subjects.” And, conversely, like Lin-Klitzing: “We can, if necessary, also a Abitur without own Abitur exams get there. ”

Abitur without exam: chance or disadvantage?

How the Abitur grade is calculated in detail, however, has so far been unclear and will probably only be made public in the event of all cases. The model is questionable “Abitur without exam” however anyway. If a majority of them are happy about it, a small remainder of the students will certainly not agree with it.

Finally, there was nationwide no uniform tasks for all students. Maybe one or the other does not achieve the cut he had hoped for. After all, they did not prepare for the exams, which are then to be assessed, with the knowledge that they will count entirely as an Abitur grade.

Stefanie Hubig, President of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) regards the Abitur as certain and said: “In the event that final exams cannot be carried out, it will be a corresponding regulation at which the mutual recognition is also secured. “A disadvantage The Corona crisis should never arise for the students.

Petition in Hamburg: students are in favor of a failure of the Abitur exams

Meanwhile, two students are out Hamburg given the corona pandemic * one Petition for nationwide cancellation of the Abitur exams started. Instead, every student across Germany should have a so-called Obtained average high school diploma, it says in the petition addressed to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) and numerous education ministers of the federal states.

An average of the 32 to 40 semester results of the past four half-years to be contributed should be calculated and specified as a high school grade.

In Ireland meanwhile became the oral exams called off. The written ones are still pending. Ireland also has mixed opinions about the decision, as The Irish Times reported.

An optimistic future researcher is now pointing out that the current decommissioning of society can also have positive effects for our society.

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