Coronavirus: first death of a policeman from the Covid-19


According to the latest official report, 1,331 deaths have been recorded in hospitals in France since the start of the epidemic and 2,827 patients are in intensive care. From Mulhouse, Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron called for union. Follow our live from this Thursday, March 26 …

What there is to know

  • The milestone is reached: the Covid-19 pandemic killed 1,031 people in the United States, according to the latest count from John Hopkins University published on Thursday, March 26. The country has 68,752 confirmed cases, according to the same source. A few hours earlier, the number of victims was 827. The United States ranks third among countries for the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease, behind Italy and China.
  • Visiting Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) on Wednesday, the Head of State announced a “exceptional bonus for carers and mobilized civil servants”, a “massive investment plan” in the hospital at the end of the crisis and the launch of the military operation “Resilience” to come to the aid of the affected populations.
  • Édouard Philippe presented the 25 prescriptions on Wednesday three days after the adoption of a health emergency bill.
  • More than 450,000 cases of new coronavirus have been officially declared worldwide since the start of the pandemic. Among these cases, 20,647 deaths were detected in 182 countries and territories, in particular in China (3,821 deaths) and Italy, the country hardest hit in number of deaths with 7,503 deaths.
  • In France, the number of deaths continues to increase, with 1,331 deaths recorded in hospitals since the start of the epidemic.

A map allows to follow in real time the evolution of the number of coronavirus cases in the world, country by country, with details on deaths and recoveries. Developed by American researchers (Johns Hopkins University), it lists minute by minute all the suspected and confirmed cases across the planet, as well as the number of deaths and cures.

To view the map, click here.

Adopt good practices.

Adopt good practices.
                                    – INFOGRAPHY – MINISTRY OF HEALTH

The gestures to adopt.

The gestures to adopt.
                                    – INFOGRAPHY – GOUVERNEMENT.FR

Update at 9 a.m.

Death of a gendarme. The national gendarmerie announced that a gendarme had died Wednesday a few days after being placed on sick leave for a suspected coronavirus. This 51-year-old chief marshal died at his home in Maison-Alfort in the Paris suburbs.

Calls for solidarity. More than 100,000 people have signed up for the “I want to help” platform, including 40,000 for the health reserve, the head of state announced on Wednesday. Some 40,000 candidates also manifested themselves Wednesday morning, 24 hours after the national appeal launched to compensate for the lack of seasonal workers in agriculture.

The Ministry of Health also launched Wednesday evening a call for volunteers to all health professionals, including retirees, to support health workers in their region but also in the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

Panama. Panama will allow the cruise liner Zaandam, on which 42 people have flu symptoms, to cross its interoceanic channel on Thursday while prohibiting any landing on its territory.

Update at 8 a.m.

Montpellier. The mayor of Montpellier Philippe Saurel announced shortly before 8 a.m., on his Twitter account, the strengthening of the curfew on the Herault prefecture. It will start at 9 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. In addition, a third gymnasium will be open to the city for the homeless.

The army in refort. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of a military operation called “Resilience”, which will mobilize the armed forces at the approach of the looming “peak”.

This operation “will be entirely devoted to aid and support to populations, as well as to support to public services to face the epidemic in metropolitan France and overseas, in particular in the health and protection, “he said.

In terms of logistics, the army could, for example, be asked to transport masks to a given French region. To help the populations of Overseas Territories, two amphibious helicopter carriers (PHA), the Mistral and the Diksmuide, will be deployed respectively in the south of the Indian Ocean, towards Reunion Island, and in the West Indies / Guyana area. “Protection” could, for example, concern sites of “operators of vital interest”, or OIV, such as nuclear power plants.

Update at 7 a.m.

France withdraws its troops from Iraq. Even if the decision is only provisional, the global health crisis has just changed the situation for France in Iraq. France will indeed withdraw its troops from the country, where they participated in training missions, the French General Staff announced on Wednesday.

It must be said that Iraq, a border with Iran where the virus has already killed nearly 1,700 people, imposed nationwide very strict measures against the new coronavirus on Sunday, reporting 20 deaths and 233 cases. confirmed.

United States. The death toll from the new coronavirus jumped to 1,031 in the United States on Wednesday, and the country has 68,572 confirmed cases, according to a count from Johns Hopkins University. A few hours earlier, the number of victims was 827. The United States ranks third among countries for the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease, behind Italy and China.

China. China did not record any new cases of locally-sourced coronavirus contamination on Thursday, but health officials said an additional 67 imported cases. Six deaths were also recorded, including five in the city of Wuhan, the cradle of the epidemic in China, according to the official report.

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