Coronavirus in Belgium: “The peak can be reached in early April”


This peak can only be reached if the containment measures issued by the authorities are respected.

LThe Covid-19 epidemic is still in its ascending phase in Belgium, stressed during the daily press point the virologist Emmanuel Andre, inter-federal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus. According to the scenarios followed and “taking into account the mobilization of the whole population to respect the measures”, the peak is expected “in the coming weeks”, around the beginning of April.

Steven Van Gucht, inter-federal spokesperson for the Covid-19 committee clarified during the daily press briefing by the FPS Public Health and the Crisis Center that “the models we are following predict that we can reach a peak somewhere in early April. But this estimate assumes that each person has reduced contact with others by 50% since the application of the containment measures, which we cannot be certain of. If the reduction in contact with people exceeds 50%, the peak will occur sooner, and the epidemic will be shorter. If it’s less than 50%, the peak will come later and the epidemic will last longer. You should also be aware that when you reach the peak, you are only halfway through the epidemic. There will be another series of difficult weeks thereafter. ”

Inter-federal spokespersons therefore strongly insist this Thursday on compliance with containment measures, which will shorten this period of crisis. “There is a simple rule: if the measures are half applied, the time it takes for them to have an effect will be twice as long. So it is extremely important that everyone applies the measures in a united manner, to make the duration of the measures shorter. ”

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