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Canada protests against the possible transfer of US soldiers to the border

02:27: The Canadian government has protested the possible deployment of US soldiers to the common border as a measure against the coronavirus pandemic. It is in the common interest of both countries that the border remains “demilitarized”, said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Secretary of State Chrystia Freeland also commented on US plans: sending troops would be “a completely unnecessary step that we believe would damage our relations,” she said. This is not the right way “to treat a loyal friend and military ally”.

However, according to Freeland, the U.S. government has not yet made a decision to send troops to the border. According to information from Canadian broadcaster Global News, the White House is considering sending fewer than a thousand soldiers to border areas with Canada. According to these considerations, you should use sensors to track down people who illegally cross the border.

China reports 55 new infections and five new deaths

1:48 am: In mainland China, the authorities report 55 new infections. Among these cases, the so-called local infection is again for the first time in three days, health authorities say. All other cases are related to travelers from abroad.

A total of 81,340 infections are now known. The authorities had announced 67 new diseases for Wednesday. The death toll rose by five to 3,292 by Thursday.

Macron plans a new initiative with Trump

01:41: French President Emmanuel Macron plans in his own words with US President Donald Trump a new initiative in the fight against the pandemic. Macron wrote on Twitter that he had had a “very good conversation” with Trump.

The joint venture is expected in the coming days.

Italy reports fewer crimes in the corona crisis

12:30 a.m .: According to the government, the number of crimes in the wake of the curfews in the corona crisis has dropped significantly. Around 53,000 crimes were reported from March 1 to 22, 64 percent less than in the same period last year, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday. Among other things, drug offenses, child abuse and sexual crimes have decreased. All of Italy has had a curfew since March 10th, only for shopping, in some cases for work or for health reasons, you are allowed out of the house.

Spain has taken similar measures. There, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a speech to the nation a few days ago that crime in the Corona crisis in Spain had decreased by 50 percent.

Trump holds out government participation in airlines

00:25: According to President Donald Trump, the US government could participate in stumbling airlines as part of a rescue program. The U.S. could not allow the airlines to go bankrupt because of the epidemic, Trump said at the White House on Thursday (local time). If the government supports airlines with loans or direct aid, they can also participate in them, he said. “If we don’t do that, we won’t have airlines,” Trump said.

Airlines are particularly hard hit by the pandemic. The huge stimulus package of the US Congress also provides billions in aid for airlines. It was initially unclear whether this would involve loans, direct help or a mixture of both.

Merkel does not want to know about the relaxation of the corona measures

00:10: Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks it is far too early to talk about relaxing the measures to contain the corona pandemic. “I want to say very clearly that it is not the time to talk about easing these measures at the moment,” she said in the evening in Berlin. At the moment, it still only takes four to five days for the number of infected to double. This period had to be stretched much further, “towards ten days”. The aim of the measures is that the health system is not overloaded.

The incubation period lasted at least five days and could last up to 14 days, said Merkel. Since the measures decided last Sunday only came into force in large parts of Germany on Monday, one is not yet in the area where one can see whether they worked.

USA officially pass China in infections

00:05: The USA has replaced China as the country with the most coronavirus infections. That comes from figures from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. According to this, 82,404 infections have been confirmed in the USA, which is almost a doubling compared to the start of the week. In contrast, there are 81,782 official cases in China, but it is questionable how resilient the figures from China are. The number of official infections has been stagnating since the end of February.
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