Coronavirus NRW: hundreds of offenders released ++ major event canceled


  • Over 60 people in North Rhine-Westphalia have already died from the consequences of the corona virus
  • There are no more infected people in any German state
  • But there is hope in the Heinsberg district

The Corona virus spreads in NRW out. The number of with the Corona virus infected people are approaching the 10,000 mark, 62 people have already died as a result of the infection.

That with itself Corona virus in NRW a contact block has been imposed. No more than two people may meet. Again and again there is a warning: STAY AT HOME!

With our news blog you will be up to date Coronavirus in NRW.


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Corona virus news blog in North Rhine-Westphalia:

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Wednesday March 25th

8:27 p.m .: Another death also in Bochum

In Bochum, too, there was another death on Wednesday night. The victim was a man (78) who was a resident of the St. Johannes Abbey. The city of Bochum has announced this.

The number of infected people in Bochum has increased to 167. Twelve are currently in hospital treatment, four of them are intensive care.

19:14: Another death in Essen

On Wednesday night, a woman (82) died of coronavirus. She was first transferred from the Marienhaus in the west district to the Essen University Hospital, later died. The city of Essen announced this on Wednesday. So far, 259 people have tested positive.

6:21 pm: Dusseldorf reports 289 coronavirus patients

There are 289 infected people in Dusseldorf. The state capital announced this on Wednesday. Of these, 37 are treated in hospitals, twelve in intensive care units. Around 400 people are currently in quarantine at home.

17:57: Duisburg has 189 infected

According to the city, 189 people in Duisburg have been infected with the corona virus, three have recovered. 24 people are hospitalized in the hospital. In addition, 544 contact persons are in quarantine at home.

5.44 p.m .: Herne reports 41 coronavirus infections

The number of infected people in Herne rose to 41. The city announced this on Wednesday. The crisis team has also decided that no contributions for childcare, open all-day and for the municipal music school have to be paid for April.

5.11 p.m .: Dusseldorf provides additional help for the homeless

The city of Dusseldorf opens the Aldekerkstrabe and Vogelsanger Weg accommodations for homeless people as emergency sleeping places with a total of 83 places, which now also offer a day stay with meals. The city has also rented a hotel, which will be made available to the “Ariadne” women’s emergency shelter with 24 places.

In addition, 675 food packages are distributed daily by the participating institutions. Around 160 of these provisions are distributed on the street by street workers and distributed to the homeless on the bedtime bus.

16:22: Minister Laumann: 9,421 infected people in NRW, 61 dead

According to the Ministry of Health, there are currently 9,421 confirmed corona cases in NRW. That is 676 more cases than on Tuesday. The number of deaths is 61. According to Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU), 621 people are treated in the hospital. 196 of them received intensive medical care. Of these, 165 would have to be ventilated.

3.45 p.m .: Oberhausen: Young people scoff at the ban on contact – then they are speechless

The reports about people who ignore the contact block in NRW do not want to stop. Now a group of young adults in Oberhausen felt the consequences of such behavior. >> HERE YOU CAN READ THE HISTORY!

3.10 p.m .: Exams take place as planned

The Abitur exams should take place as planned. At the present time, it was not necessary to cancel exams, the federal minister of culture (KMK) said on Wednesday after a ministerial conference call.

The decision looks like this in detail:

  • The Kultusministerkonferenz confirms its decision of March 12, 2020, according to which the federal states will mutually recognize the achievements of the school year 2019/20 on the basis of common regulations.
  • She emphasizes that all pupils will not have any disadvantages from the current exceptional situation and that they will be able to acquire their qualifications this school year.
  • The exams take place on the planned or a catch-up date by the end of the school year, insofar as this is permitted for reasons of infection protection. Students must be given sufficient time to prepare. The exams can also take place in closed schools, provided that there are no conflicting national regulations.
  • The federal states can exceptionally do without central elements from the Abitur task pool and replace them with decentralized elements
  • The federal states state that it is not necessary to cancel exams. The countries coordinate closely on how to proceed.

13:52: “It is perfidious that …” – Minister for Consumer Protection warns urgently

NRW Consumer Protection Minister Ursula Heinen-Esser (CDU) has warned of fraudsters and traders in the corona crisis. “It’s perfidious that some people want to profit from the crisis,” she said in Dusseldorf on Wednesday.

Whether fake websites that steal data from Internet users or attempted fraud on the doorstep of older people – citizens should report any criminal attempt to the police, the minister said. The police also warned of fraudsters on the phone or on the doorstep who would offer their help or pretend to be relatives under the pretext of corona precautionary measures.

13.09: NRW releases prisoners

The North Rhine-Westphalian state government wants to release prisoners early because of the Corona crisis. In the event of an outbreak in prison, he needs around 1,000 free cells in order to create quarantine zones, said Justice Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU) on Wednesday in Dusseldorf.

For this reason, detention for less serious cases is to be interrupted with sentences of up to one and a half years if they were served by the end of July anyway. This does not apply to sex offenders and serious violent offenders and deportation candidates.

The detention is only interrupted and is to be continued later.

11:56 a.m .: Ruhr Festival canceled

The Ruhr Festival in Recklinghausen has been canceled due to the corona pandemic. The team is currently evaluating various options for postponing parts of the program until autumn, the festival management announced on Wednesday. The internationally renowned, traditional theater festival was to take place from May 1st to June 13th.

Tickets for theater theater plays that have already been purchased can be returned for a refund of the purchase price. The Ruhr Festival, however, appealed to the cardholders to help the festival reduce the financial losses due to the cancellation due to the corona by waiving a refund.

11 a.m .: New numbers – over 60 dead

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections rose to 9,421 in NRW. According to the State Ministry of Health, 676 cases were added compared to the previous day (as of 10 a.m.). The number of deaths rose by 16 compared to the previous day to 61.

The published state figures are based on reports from all 53 districts and independent cities to the state ministry. In the meantime, individual municipalities may have already announced higher numbers of cases.

10:26: Essen woman dies – three are considered healthy

The fifth person died in Essen as a result of the coronavirus. An 82-year-old palliative patient from the Marienhaus in the western district was transferred to the Essen University Hospital and died at night. Up to Wednesday, 259 people in the city had tested positive for the corona virus.

A domestic quarantine is currently arranged for 1,357 people. A total of three people are healthy again with mild symptoms after a corona disease.

The people suffering from the coronavirus in Essen are in particular from the age groups 30-50 years and 50-70 years. The third most affected age group are people over 70 years of age.

10.04 a.m .: Abi 2020: decision on Friday

The NRW state government wants to decide on the 2020 Abitur exams by Friday. “North Rhine-Westphalia is prepared for various scenarios and will make another move this week to take a common path with as many countries as possible,” School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP) told the Aachener Zeitung (Wednesday).

“If this is not possible, North Rhine-Westphalia will make its decisions regardless of this and present them on Friday,” says Gebauer’s statement, which is also available to the German Press Agency.

7.53 a.m .: Students study at home – success is different

Since the schools closed, pupils in NRW are learning remotely via online platforms and mobile apps. There were satisfied comments, but also criticism of the lack of equipment and the allegation of unequal learning conditions for the students. Mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD) said that 15,000 tablets will be purchased in the state capital of Dusseldorf.

“I have families, there are now six children in a 3-room apartment. There is no opportunity to work in a protected learning atmosphere, ”said the headmaster of a focus school in East Westphalia. The school ministry, on the other hand, assured: “The suspension of classes must not result in a disadvantage for any pupil.”

7.21 am: Young people cough at passers-by – 200 euros fine

Four young people (19 to 22) hung out in a parking lot in Oberhausen on Wednesday night. The four apparently do not believe in the blocking of contacts, which prohibits a meeting of more than two people. Witnesses then spoke to them, whereupon the four people taunted and deliberately coughed at the passers-by.

The police were called and immediately intervened: a fine of 200 euros – in this case, tuition – comes to the four for an administrative offense. Details of the group were initially unknown.

6.18 a.m .: 54 dead – but the curve flattens in Heinsberg district

54 people died as a result of the coronavirus in NRW. The Ministry of Health reported on Tuesday. That is 14 more reported deaths than the previous day. The number of infected broke the 9000 mark.

There is, however, more positive news from the Heinsberg district: Here the curve of the infected flattened out slightly. According to the Ministry, 1,043 people (as of 4:00 p.m.) were infected with the virus in a particularly affected group on Tuesday. The previous day there were 1004. So far 25 people have died in the district.

Tuesday March 24th

8:31 pm: City of Essen reports fourth death

There has been a fourth death in Essen since Tuesday afternoon. A 92-year-old resident from Alfried-Krupp-Heim in Frohnhausen was transferred to the university clinic last week due to a stroke. When admitted, it was tested positive for the corona virus. The patient died because of the previous illness. So far, 250 people have tested positive in Essen.

5:02 pm: Two women from Bochum died

Terrible news from Bochum! Two women died as a result of the coronavirus on Tuesday. They were 89 and 81 years old. The city announced on Tuesday.

16:58: Dusseldorf: No major events until the end of May

The city of Dusseldorf announced Tuesday that there will be no major events by the end of May. Many organizers had already canceled on their own initiative. The city intends to extend the general decree of March 11, according to which events with more than 1,000 participants may no longer take place, until the end of May. According to the city, 270 people are infected in Dusseldorf.

4.44 p.m .: The number of infected people in Duisburg increases

In Duisburg, the number of people infected with coronavirus rose to 173 people. According to the city, 23 of these are hospitalized and 150 are in quarantine at home.

4:08 p.m .: Decided! State parliament approves € 25 billion aid package

It was just a formality, now it is fixed: on Tuesday, the NRW state parliament unanimously approved an aid package worth 25 billion euros to deal with the economic consequences of the Corona crisis. All five parliamentary groups quickly agreed to the rescue package, which has been unprecedented in the country’s history.

15:58: Doctor returns from retirement and dies after a heart attack

What a tragedy! A medical professional collapsed in the central smear center in Herford on Monday and then died in the hospital, according to the Herford district on Tuesday. According to “Neue Westfalische”, the doctor had volunteered when retired to help in the crisis. The message says about the cause of death: “The cause of death is still unknown, presumably the man died of a heart attack.”

1:47 pm: Dortmund medic with an urgent request

Paramedics are often at the forefront in the struggle for life and death. A medic from Dortmund now has a vital appeal in the corona crisis. You can read all about it here >>>

13:08: NRW announces juicy corona punishments

Those who do not comply with the state government’s new guidelines to contain the pandemic are now at risk of heavy fines. For example, the police are required to impose the following penalties for non-compliance:

  • Picnicking or barbecuing in public: 250 euros
  • Meeting of two to ten people: 200 euros per person
  • Public gathering of more than ten people: a fine or up to five years in prison
  • Visit to retirement home or hospital: 200 euros
  • Eating to-go dishes within 50 meters of a restaurant: 200 euros
  • Operating a hairdressing salon: 2,000 euros
  • Operating a bar: 5,000 euros

These fines are to be doubled in the event of repetition. In particularly severe cases, repetition can result in a fine of up to 25,000 euros. This applies to the operation of restaurants, for example.

12.55 p.m .: Third dead in Essen

In the night of Tuesday, a person died in the University Hospital Essen from the consequences of the corona infection. It was tested positive for the corona virus when it was posted. The 89-year-old was transferred from the Alfried-Krupp-Heim to the university hospital last week with severe previous illnesses. The patient has already received palliative care in the hospital.

11.37 a.m .: 45 people die in NRW

The number of deaths as a result of coronavirus rose to 45, compared to five fewer the previous day. 8745 people are infected, which is 734 more than on Monday. The NRW Ministry of Health presented these figures on Tuesday morning.

Coronavirus infections now report all 53 districts and independent cities in NRW. The Ministry emphasized that the development was dynamic. The numbers were based on current official reports that the state ministry had received. Municipalities may have already announced higher numbers of cases.

11:21: NRW admits patients from Italy – “It’s about life and death”

After Saxony, NRW now wants to treat corona patients from Italy. Armin Laschet said before the Dusseldorf Landtag that he had offered the neighboring country to admit ten patients initially. The Italian Air Force will transfer the patients to NRW in the coming days, said the Prime Minister. The situation in Italy shows “immense tragedies,” said Laschet. “It’s about life and death.”

In his view, three goals now have top priority:

  • Slow the spread of the virus
  • Massively expand the health care system
  • To cushion the impact of the pandemic on the economy

To achieve this, Laschet wants to pump 25 billion into the NRW economy to protect companies and jobs. The supplementary budget is to be adopted today in a quick process with all parliamentary groups.

8:03 am: NRW changes care plan – experts in concern

For days now, schools and daycare centers to curb the corona pandemic have been closed nationwide. Now the state of North Rhine-Westphalia eased the rules for emergency childcare on Friday. Since then, only one parent has to work in a systemically relevant profession so that a child can be cared for in an emergency. This causes irritation for many educators and doctors. “If we have more children in daycare centers and schools again, we risk new infection chains,” said Christiane Thiele, state chairman of the professional association for children and adolescents at the “Rheinische Post”.

However, Karl-Josef Laumann defended the regulation: “Too many nurses stayed at home last week to look after their children,” said the NRW Minister of Health. The reason: partners often earn more than carers, which forces the latter to take care of their own children. “I am glad that parents in system-relevant areas are now being given more options for childcare,” says Laumann. According to initial samples, the demand for the decision increased above all in daycare centers.

There, however, there is growing concern about new infections: “Every child and every employee in the building is a potential virus thrower,” says the manager of a large daycare center, which wants to remain anonymous to the newspaper for fear of her job.

7.10 a.m .: Heinsberger district administrator is freaking out at “Hart but fair”

No area in Germany has so far hit the corona virus harder than the Heinsberg district. On Monday evening, District Administrator Stephan Pusch was a guest at “Hart aber fair”. According to a statement by moderator Frank Plasberg, the Heinsberg district administrator’s collar burst. Here you can read what Pusch was upset about >>>

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