Coronavirus: Spain faces unprecedented health crisis



Spain is the second country in Europe most affected by the coronavirus. The total number of confirmed cases is approaching 40,000 with 2,800 deaths. 2/3 of the deaths were recorded in the Madrid region.

Despite the authorities’ efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the situation in Spain is becoming catastrophic. 3,500 soldiers are now ordered to visit each retirement home in the country to ensure their proper functioning by providing support to the medical profession. A measure taken after the discovery of several elderly people left behind in these residences. Some even died in their beds, abandoned.

Each room, each room, each piece of furniture is scrupulously cleaned. Despite their efforts, more than 500 deaths have been recorded in Spain in the past 24 hours. A record figure which leads to saturation of the morgues. In Madrid, the skating rink of a shopping center is now used to store corpses.

Public hospitals are also outdated. Videos on social networks show patients on the ground in the emergency room or glued to others, without respecting social distancing, before they can be taken care of by carers. A field hospital has been set up in place of the city’s exhibition center. 5,500 beds and almost as many oxygen tanks. 220 patients are already hospitalized there. “It will be the largest hospital in the country and above all the most efficient,” said Ricardo Lopez Puerta, director of the Madrid exhibition center.

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The Madrid region is by far the most affected with 1,535 deaths, or 57% of the total and 12,352 cases (31% of the total). The government of Pedro Sanchez decided Tuesday to extend until April 11 the confinement of the Spaniards, decreed on March 14. A prorogation that the parliament will have to approve this Wednesday.

Spaniards are only allowed to leave their homes, individually and while keeping their distance, only to buy basic necessities, to go to work when teleworking is not possible or to briefly take their dog out. However, the authorities have so far ruled out taking more drastic measures, stressing the need to continue production to fight the pandemic.

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