Coronavirus: teenager dies – he was previously very healthy ++ 150 dead Germany


  • Over 200 dead and over 37,000 infected in Germany
  • Covid-19 continues to spread
  • Shutdown in many countries

The Corona virus spreads in Germany, Europe and the world. There are currently more than 200 people in Germany who are suffering from the consequences of Corona virus died, over 37,000 people became infected.

Meanwhile, because of the Corona virus public life is largely silent. There is a ban on contact, a number of people work from home or are in quarantine. Chancellor Angela Merkel is also affected.

Corona virus in Germany, Europe and worldwide: Here all information in the news blog

In our news blog we keep you informed about the development and spread of the Corona virus‘Up to date worldwide.


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Wednesday March 25th

11 p.m .: 21,000 dead worldwide, over 460,000 infected

The horror continues! According to the renowned Johns Hopkins University, almost 21,000 people worldwide have died as a result of the coronavirus. Over 460,000 people are infected.

Germany has so far recorded 206 deaths, plus over 37,000 infected.

10:38 p.m .: Macron announces military action

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a special military action. The “Operation Resilience” is modeled on the already existing French military action in the fight against terrorism and has the sole aim of supporting the population in the “war” against the deadly virus, the head of state said on Wednesday evening.

10:31 pm: Romania wants to test all of Bucharest

The entire population of the capital Bucharest and other larger metropolitan areas is to be tested in Romania. Health Minister Victor Costache announced on Wednesday. Mobile teams should go from house to house.

10:29 pm: Greek media: German chemistry professor died in Crete

Greek media report on a German chemistry professor (42) who is said to have died of Corona in Crete. On Wednesday morning, his condition was said to be stable, but at noon there were severe circulatory problems. The vital organs reportedly failed at around 4 p.m. The professor is said to have had no previous illnesses.

He is said to have taught as a visiting professor in Greece and was probably infected with the virus in Germany.

10:13 p.m .: Death toll in Turkey increases

The number of victims is also increasing in Turkey. As Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter on Wednesday, 59 people died from the consequences of the corona virus. Around 2,000 people are infected.

22:06: horror number from Italy!

What horror numbers from Italy, Spain and also in the USA! In Italy, the “mark” of 7,500 fatalities was broken. There are also around 3,500 deaths in Spain. And the coronavirus crisis is unfortunately also rolling in the USA: around 850 people have died so far.

8:48 pm: Ambulance with corona patients thrown at stones!

Incredible incident in Spain! In La Linea de la Concepcion in the south of the country, several ambulances with 28 coronavirus people were thrown at stones. According to the police, the incident occurred on Tuesday. Dozens of people wanted to prevent the infected pensioners, who come from another municipality, from being transferred to a home in the Andalusian city and put in quarantine there.

8:12 pm: France: death toll continues to rise – Paris Orly Airport closes

In France, the number of fatalities rose by 231 to 1,331 within a day. With an increase of 21 percent, the increase is somewhat slower than in the previous two days. However, government statistics only include patients who died in hospitals.

Paris Orly Airport will be closed from March 31st. This was announced by the operator ADP. All flights to and from Paris and the surrounding area are to be served from the larger Charles de Gaulle airport. Flight operations are also to be restricted there.

7:27 pm: Man dies in Thuringia

Tragic news for the quarantine site in Neustadt am Rennsteig (Thuringia)! A man (57) who had to be brought to the clinic in Suhl at the weekend and had to be given artificial respiration has died.

7:22 pm: Not enough clearance at the cash register: fight!

On Wednesday there was a fight between three men in a supermarket in Raunheim (Hessen). A 47-year-old approached two 19-year-olds because he felt that the distance to him at the checkout area was too small. According to the police, the teenagers attacked the older man and injured him slightly. The police are investigating.

7:14 p.m .: Warning of counterfeit medicines

Europol warns of counterfeit medicines and respirators. As the European police authority announced on Wednesday, a police operation that spanned 90 countries in early March led to the seizure of 4.4 million counterfeit drugs. 37 criminal groups were smashed and 121 people arrested.

18:58: Over 7,500 dead in Italy

In Italy, 7,503 people have died from the corona virus. A further 683 patients with the lung disease died within 24 hours, said the civil protection authority. The total number of infected rose to 74,386 on Wednesday, compared to 69,176 confirmed cases the previous day

6.45 p.m .: Thailand closes borders

Thailand is closing its borders. Only Thai citizens and diplomats are allowed to enter the country – but only with a current health certificate.

18:32: Death in the United States continues unabated

In the United States, the number of coronavirus deaths jumped to 737 within a day. On Tuesday, there were 544 deaths, the CDC said. In the meantime, 54,453 people have been tested positive. New York City is particularly hard hit. New York City governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that streets will be closed to traffic and contact sports will be banned in public parks to limit the spread of the virus.

6:02 p.m .: Federal government plans to loosen the exit restriction for young people

The Federal Government wants to relax the strict contact restrictions later for young and healthy people, according to Chancellor Helge Braun. The CDU politician said on Wednesday: “The next phase is of course: Young people who are not among the risk groups are allowed to take more streets again.” Currently, a lot depends on whether the infection curve can be kept flat with the measures that have been decided . “This will show up in the next two weeks,” said Braun.

17:18: Bundestag calls “epidemic situation of national scope”

The Bundestag passed a law by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) on Wednesday that should compensate for additional costs and loss of income. There should be bonus payments for the expansion of the intensive care beds for corona patients. The Parliament also noted an “epidemic situation of national importance”. It passed a law that therefore gives the federal government additional competencies for a limited period of time so that crisis management across Germany can react more quickly.

16.55 p.m .: London City Airport closes until the end of April

City Airport in London stops all flights from Wednesday evening. This applies until the end of April, the airport said. It is responding to the UK government’s request that people stop traveling and stay at home.

16:37: Chancellor Merkel’s second corona test also negative

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s second test for the corona virus was also negative. “The Chancellor continues to work from home quarantine and will be tested again next week,” said a government spokesman.

4:06 p.m .: Corona suspected! High school graduates have to interrupt exams

Seven high school graduates from the Hochtaunuskreis (Hesse) have to interrupt their exams because of a suspected Covid 19 case and into domestic isolation. A student who had contact with a person who had meanwhile tested positive had shown typical symptoms of the lung disease and informed the school, as the district committee Hochtaunuskreis announced on Wednesday

4:02 pm: Spahn promises to get out of the crisis by Easter

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn wants to develop a concept for a way out of everyday restrictions. “The question of how we can leave this crisis mode is becoming more important every day,” said the CDU politician to the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. It is about making public life possible again. “I want to be able to give a good answer to this by Easter at the latest.” New solutions must also be considered.

Spahn explained: “I’m thinking of accelerating and braking, of a careful balance between personal responsibility and state control.” The virus is there and will remain. “Perhaps we have to be prepared for the fact that there will be certain exit restrictions over and over again for weeks, depending on how the virus spreads regionally.”

4:00 pm: “Today Journal”: Claus Kleber shocked by these pictures – “Can they do that?”

Contact is prohibited in Germany. But apparently not everyone adheres to it. In the “Today Journal”, ZDF showed pictures from a Lufthansa plane. Presenter Claus Kleber is shocked by these recordings. >> HERE YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE STORY!

15:56: Spain closes million-dollar deal with China

Spain has signed a contract with China to purchase medical equipment worth € 432 million. 550 million respirators, 5.5 million rapid test sets, 950 ventilators and eleven million pairs of gloves are supplied, as the Spanish Minister of Health Salvador Illa said. “We have secured entire production chains that only work for the Spanish government,” said Illa.

3:42 pm: Abitur exams take place as planned

The Abitur exams should take place as planned. At the present time, it was not necessary to cancel exams, the federal minister of culture (KMK) said on Wednesday after a ministerial conference call.

The decision looks like this in detail:

  • The Kultusministerkonferenz confirms its decision of March 12, 2020, according to which the federal states will mutually recognize the achievements of the school year 2019/20 on the basis of common regulations.
  • She emphasizes that all pupils will not have any disadvantages from the current exceptional situation and that they will be able to acquire their qualifications this school year.
  • The exams take place on the planned or a catch-up date by the end of the school year, insofar as this is permitted for reasons of infection protection. Students must be given sufficient time to prepare. The exams can also take place in closed schools, provided that there are no conflicting national regulations.
  • The federal states can exceptionally do without central elements from the Abitur task pool and replace them with decentralized elements
  • The federal states state that it is not necessary to cancel exams. The countries coordinate closely on how to proceed.

3:16 pm: Bundestag borrows € 156 billion in new debt

The Bundestag has approved a supplementary budget to finance the aid packages. This includes new debts amounting to 156 billion euros. The Federal Council still has to approve the plans on Friday.

3:11 p.m .: EU epidemic protection authority: Corona stays in summer

The EU epidemiological protection agency considers it unlikely that the coronavirus will disappear in summer. With this warning, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is dampening hopes that rising temperatures will kill the virus.

2:50 p.m .: Russia postpones constitutional referendum

Russia postpones the vote on the biggest constitutional change in the country’s history. President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday. There will be an appointment later. Due to the situation surrounding the corona virus, Putin declared the coming week to be unemployed.

1:16 pm: 21-year-old dies without previous illnesses

In England, too, a young person is said to have died from the consequences of the coronavirus without previous illnesses. At least, the family reports to the “Daily Mail”. The mother of the 21-year-old writes on Facebook: “To everyone out there who thinks it’s just a virus, please think again. From personal experience I can say: This so-called virus took the life of my 21 year old daughter. “

11.45 a.m .: Prince Charles is infected

The British heir to the throne Prince Charles (71) has tested positive for the corona virus. This is reported by the TV station ITV. Read more >>> here

9:11 am: Adolescent dies

In the US state of California, a minor died of the consequences of the corona virus for the first time. The teenager from Lancaster north of the metropolis of Los Angeles was “in good health” and had no previous illnesses until he became infected. This was announced by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti.

Exact age and gender are not known. “It’s a devastating reminder that Covid-19 affects people of all ages,” quotes the L.A. Times L.A. County Public Health Department Director Barbara Ferrer.

Garcetti calls on young people to take the current exit restrictions seriously: “This can also affect you.”

8:11 am: Over 150 dead

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which only evaluates the electronically transmitted numbers, 31 554 people in Germany were infected with the corona virus, the number has increased by 4 118 since the previous day. The US Johns Hopkins University (JHU) reports 32,991 infected.

The RKI has registered 149 deaths so far, the JHU 159 deaths.

7.33 a.m .: situation in intensive care units relaxed – still

According to information from intensive care physicians and the German Hospital Society (DKG), the situation on the German intensive care units is still relaxed overall, but varies greatly from region to region. According to the intensive care register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), around half of the clinics in the state have intensive care beds available. The DKG is not yet aware of any specific problems in the intensive care units as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

6.43 a.m .: Heidi Klum: test result is there

The corona virus does not stop at status, origin or income class. It has also caught some celebrities, including Hollywood stars such as Tom Hanks, Idris Elba and politician Friedrich Merz. Top model Heidi Klum has been tested in the USA, her result is negative. More about this here >>>

Tuesday March 24th

11:00 p.m .: Corona horror claims over 18,500 deaths worldwide

The corona virus has claimed over 18,500 fatalities worldwide, according to the renowned Johns Hopkins University. More than 415,000 people are infected. In Germany, more than 32,000 people are infected and 157 people are killed.

10:35 p.m .: Berlin police use helicopter

The Berlin police deployed a helicopter to fight contact violations. On Tuesday evening, the police scanned Gleisdreieck Park, Hasenheide in Neukolln and Volkspark Friedrichshain. The police wrote several notices about full parks, on Twitter. Police patrols on foot would also have looked around the parks and at Alexanderplatz. The result: “Many people at a distance, only a few without.”

9:59 p.m .: More than 1,000 dead in France

France is the fifth country in the world to report more than 1,000 fatalities. The number has increased by 240 to 1,100, said the head of the health authority, Jerome Salomon. In addition to Italy, China, Iran and Spain, France has the most fatalities, and experts suggest extending the exit limit to at least six weeks. This would largely paralyze public life in France until April 28.

9:27 pm: Spain: infected people flee from hospitals!

Numerous patients flee hospitals in Spain. There have been several cases in various hospitals, National Police director Jose Angel Gonzalez said at a press conference in Madrid. This unnecessarily does the security authorities “huge work” to find these patients and bring them back to the hospitals.

9:13 p.m .: Death toll in Turkey increases to 44

In Turkey, 44 people have now died as a result of a coronavirus infection. In the past 24 hours, seven people have succumbed to their illness, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter. Infection with the virus was confirmed in 1,872 people.

9:25 p.m .: Third death in Berlin

Berlin reports the third death: A 42-year-old man has died of coronavirus disease. Nothing is known about possible previous illnesses.

8.49 p.m .: curfew for 1.3 billion Indians

There will be a curfew for Indias 1.3 billion residents over the next 21 days. The ban will apply from midnight, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a speech on Tuesday evening (local time). He asked his countrymen to forget what it felt like to leave the house. “If we don’t manage these 21 days well, the country will be set back by 21 years. Many families will be destroyed forever, ”said the prime minister. “If you cross your doorsteps, you invite the dreaded pandemic home.”

8:36 pm: FC Barcelona provides club facilities

FC Barcelona provides the club facilities to the health authorities in the Catalonia region. The Spanish football champion announced on Tuesday that he was ready to provide all the necessary help. The Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona has been given the electric car that usually drives injured players out of the field.

8:33 p.m .: Spanish military asks NATO for help

Spain’s military has asked NATO for help. The Spanish armed forces have requested “international aid” to provide medical care assistance, the military alliance said Tuesday. Madrid asked for 500,000 test kits, 500 ventilators, 1.5 million surgical masks and 450,000 respirators.

8:02 p.m .: Italy increases penalties

Italy increases fines for violations of exit restrictions. In future, violations of the strict rules will be punished with 400 to 3,000 euros. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced in Rome. So far, a penalty of EUR 206 has been threatened for offenses, and detention of up to three months was also possible. The decree presented by Conte provides that regional authorities may take their own measures.

7:07 p.m .: Bundeswehr soldiers in Lithuania infected

Several Bundeswehr soldiers have been infected in Lithuania. They were quarantined and their identified contact person was isolated, reports the German press agency. There is no further information on the number of infected German soldiers.

6:50 p.m .: USA asks South Korea for medical equipment

US President Donald Trump has asked South Korea to send medical equipment against the coronavirus to the United States. This is announced by the South Korean Presidential Office. President Moon Jae In offered over the phone to provide equipment if South Korea had any left over. The conversation had been arranged at Trump’s urgent request.

18:32: Stadium in Madrid becomes a morgue

What a hell! According to the German press agency, the ice stadium in Madrid was converted into a morgue due to the rapidly increasing number of deaths. The first coffins would arrive after the preparations were completed later in the day, the mayor of the Spanish capital, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, told RTVE.

“It was a painful decision, but it was necessary because the funeral directors are overloaded,” said the politician. How long the corpses could be kept on the 1,800 square meter ice surface of the “Palacio de Hielo”, the “Ice Palace” you don’t say.

5:32 pm: Two women from Bochum died

Terrible news from Bochum! Two women died as a result of the coronavirus on Tuesday. They were 89 and 81 years old. The city announced on Tuesday.


17:28: Frankfurt prohibits hamster purchases

The city of Frankfurt has issued a general order to prevent hamster shopping: shops can only deliver goods in quantities customary in the household – otherwise there is a penalty of up to 25,000 euros.

17:19: The number of deaths in Great Britain increases

The number of deaths has risen significantly in Great Britain. 87 people died within a day after they tested positive for the coronavirus. This brings the total death toll to 422. The British government said on Tuesday.

5:03 p.m .: Greta Thunberg was in quarantine

So THAT was the reason why so little had been heard about them! Environmental activist Greta Thunberg writes on Instagram that she and her father have been quarantined for the past two weeks – in a small, separate apartment, so as not to infect mother and sister.

5.48 p.m .: 400 dead within 24 hours in Lombardy

Dying in Lombardy continues unabated. Within a day, the number of people who died rose by around 400. On Monday, 320 deaths had been announced there within 24 hours. The number of infections rose accordingly around 1940 to around 30,700.

4:50 p.m .: DFL Presidium recommends suspension of Bundesliga until April 30th

The game operations in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga will initially be suspended until April 30th. The Presidium of the DFL gave this recommendation to the 36 professional clubs for decision-making at the general meeting next week.

4.47 p.m .: Second death in Hamburg

The second Hamburger (52) died of Corona late on Sunday evening. The health agency confirms that two days later, as part of the death investigation process, a Covid-19 infection could be detected and confirmed as the cause of death. The victim is a 52-year-old man.

4.40 pm: Now the border is also checked WITHIN Germany!

It is almost unbelievable, but “thanks” to Corona reality: In Germany borders are checked again – namely WITHIN Germany! The border between Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is now being controlled. Private trips to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are prohibited.

16:23: Brandenburg and Rhineland-Palatinate promise billions of packages

Brandenburg wants to double the rescue package for Corona aid and increase it to one billion euros. The coalition groups of the SPD, CDU and Greens agreed on Tuesday. The final decision is to be made in the state parliament on April 1.

Rhineland-Palatinate has approved a supplementary budget of 3.3 billion euros. Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) said on Tuesday that the draft law on expenditure contained EUR 800 million for the current crisis management.

4:13 p.m .: Bavaria pays for carers

Bavaria plans to cover the costs of nursing staff in hospitals, old people’s homes and facilities for the disabled from April 1st. “We just want to send a signal of thanks, for the work that is being done there,” said Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU) after a cabinet meeting in Munich.

4:11 p.m .: Italy uses drones for mass control

Italy’s police have controlled more than two million people since the exit bans were introduced two weeks ago. The Ansa news agency reported, citing the Ministry of the Interior. The security forces may also officially use drones for surveillance.

15:58: Doctor returns from retirement and dies after a heart attack

What a tragedy! A medical professional collapsed in the central smear center in Herford on Monday and then died in the hospital, according to the Herford district on Tuesday. According to “Neue Westfalische”, the doctor had volunteered when retired to help in the crisis. The message says about the cause of death: “The cause of death is still unknown, presumably the man died of a heart attack.”


3:40 p.m .: Singapore tightened measures

Singapore has stepped up its measures against the corona pandemic. Bars, cinemas, theaters and nightclubs will be closed until April 30, the health ministry said on Tuesday. The reason: 49 other people are infected. Two people have already died of the disease.

3:27 pm: Are there no Abitur exams in Schleswig-Holstein?

Minister of Education Karin Prien (CDU) has spoken out in favor of canceling the Abitur exams in Schleswig-Holstein. Prien said on Tuesday that she would submit a corresponding resolution proposal to the cabinet. The examinations for the first general and middle school qualifications should also not be taken this school year.

2:33 p.m .: Number of cases in Hamburg doubled within 24 hours

Dramatic increase in Hamburg: The number of confirmed corona infected people in the Hanseatic city more than doubled within a day. The health authority announced 102 new cases on Monday, 248 on Tuesday. According to health senator Cornelia Prufer-Storcks (SPD), the reason for the sharp rise was a software problem. Hamburg recorded the new cases daily, but the software provided by the Robert Koch Institute did not work properly. In fact, around 150 newly infected people have been reported in the past few days. The total number of infected people rose to 1237.

2:22 p.m .: 2020 Olympic Games canceled

Those responsible in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have stuck to this for a long time. Now the association has an understanding. The 2020 Summer Olympics was canceled. You can find out the new date here >>>

1:51 pm: Did Asterix artists predict the corona crisis?

It was announced today that Asterix artist Albert Uderzo passed away. Most recently, his comics were on everyone’s lips because they allegedly predicted the corona crisis in 2017. Here all background >>>

1:23 pm: Jagermeister donates alcohol

In the Corona crisis, the Mast family (Jagermeister) decided to donate 50,000 liters of alcohol. All information here >>>

9:59 a.m .: You have to leave the apartment? Expert gives important advice

To contain the corona virus, we should all go out of the house as little as possible at the moment. But this cannot always be prevented, be it for shopping or on the way to work. Biometric technician Gerd Antes has an important piece of advice for these routes: “I can only emphasize: go on a bike,” says Antes, who deals, among other things, with the spread of infections.

Cycling is the best form of self-protection, because you only touch the bike and not the poles on the train or bus. “And it is a high protection for others, because you keep your distance automatically and continuously.”

“The people who feel locked up now may also suffer because of a lack of exercise,” says Antes. And that’s where cycling helps. “It is physically good in every respect.” Sport and exercise in the fresh air are still allowed in the family.

9:03 a.m .: President of the World Medical Association with a bleak forecast

Those who hope for a quick end to the Corona crisis should see these words as a damper: “This problem will certainly be with us until the end of the year,” said Frank Ulrich Montgomery. According to the President of the World Medical Association, the restrictions in everyday life will continue to accompany them until a vaccine is available. Until then “we will have to change our entire social and working life”.

7.40 a.m .: China releases the closure of the Hubei province

The corona virus is said to have its origin here. After weeks of restrictions, China partially lifted the Hubei Province cordon off. People classified as healthy are allowed to travel here again from Wednesday. The exception is the metropolis of Wuhan, which was particularly badly affected. From April 8th it should be possible to leave the city again.

In the province of Hubei, around 60 million people were in fact under forced quarantine. The rules were particularly strict in Wuhan, where millions of people were not allowed to take to the streets at all for weeks.

7:04: Heinsberger district administrator bursts the collar at “Hart but fair”

On Monday evening, Stephan Pusch was a guest at “Hart aber fair”. He is the district administrator from the Heinsberg district, the area most affected by the coronavirus in Germany. According to the moderator Frank Plasberg, Pusch freaked out. You can find out what excited the district administrator here >>>

6.55 a.m .: Coronavirus reaches poor neighborhood – “Tragedy can be great”

Bad fears in Brazil. The corona virus has now arrived in the poor areas of Rio de Janeiro. The first confirmed case in the favelas puts the authorities on alert, also because the hygiene conditions there do not meet the requirements of the WHO.

The containment of the virus in Rios 763 poor neighborhoods with two million residents in small, often unplastered houses is an enormous challenge. The residents often lack the bare essentials like water and soap, but at the same time they live together in a confined space. “The impact on this population can be much worse, the tragedy can be great,” warned medical professor Mario Roberto Dal Poz from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro on the “G1” portal.

Monday, March 23

11:03 p.m .: Shock in Turkey! Trainer legend Fatih Terim infected!

Shock in the Turkish sports world! Trainer legend Fatih Terim has tested positive for the corona virus. Terim said Monday that he was already in the hospital, was being treated and was being quarantined. His two assistant coaches, Umit Davala (former Werder Bremen player) and Hasan Sas (third in the 2002 World Cup) are also infected. The Turkish Super Lig has been pausing since last weekend.

22:51: France tightened curfew

France is tightening its measures in the face of rising infections and deaths from the corona virus. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on Monday an extension of the curfew. Physical activity will be strictly restricted from Tuesday and most markets will have to close, said Philippe.

Activities such as jogging or walking should only take place within a radius of one kilometer of the place of residence and only once a day for a maximum of one hour, said the Prime Minister.

10:01 p.m .: BKA warns of fake emails

Fraudsters are currently trying to exploit people’s insecurity through the corona pandemic. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) now officially warns of a so-called “corona card”, which is currently being sent by email. It is said to indicate in real time where corona infections have been registered. The BKA makes it clear: “This ‘corona card’ is used by criminals as an attractant. When the card is opened, malware loads in the background, which reads out passwords and access data on the PC. “You should therefore never open these phishing emails.

9:50 p.m .: Deaths increase to 37 in Turkey

Turkey has had seven more deaths. The number of deaths has thus risen to 37. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced this on Monday evening on Twitter.

9:32 pm: More than 500 dead in the United States

The death toll in the United States has risen to more than 500. This comes from data from Johns Hopkins University. The number of fatalities on Monday afternoon (local time) jumped from 499 to 573. The number of confirmed infections was more than 41,700. This puts the United States in third place in the number of confirmed cases – behind China and Italy, but still ahead of Spain and Germany.

21:28: horror! Soldiers discover corpses in old people’s homes in Spain!

During the disinfection of old people’s homes, Spanish soldiers discovered dead seniors in several residences. The corpses had apparently remained unnoticed for longer, reported the state television station RTVE, citing the military emergency aid unit UME.

Minister of Transport Jose Luis Abalos then confirmed the reports at a press conference in Madrid. You still have little information. If necessary, the prosecutor’s office will begin investigations, said Abalos.

8.30 p.m .: Cem Ozdemir reports on Twitter

The infected Green politician Cem Ozdemir has reported from home quarantine! On Friday, he tweeted: “Bad news for the trolls of #noAfD & #noAKP: The Chancellor is doing well, she was tested negative for Corona. Incidentally, I also feel good. Atsch batsch! #StayAtHomeSaveLives#EvdeKal

8:10 p.m .: Netherlands prohibits meetings until June 1st

Dutch Minister of Justice Ferdinand Grapperhaus announced on Monday that all events and gatherings are prohibited until June 1. The police can intervene in the event of violations and impose heavy fines. “I am aware that this is very tough,” said the minister. “But we have no choice.”

8:20 pm: “CovApp” should help with the test decision

Should you get tested for Corona or not? You can now use the Charite Berlin online questionnaire to help you decide. The “CovApp” questionnaire can be found at Questions about age, living situation, symptoms or possible trips are used to determine whether a test might be an option for you or not.

6:35 pm: Austria: First coronavirus case covered up in Ischgl?

The state of Tyrol has turned on the public prosecutor’s office because of a coronavirus case in Ischgl. Apparently, the municipality of Ischgl announced that a positive case should have been known in a company there at the end of February. However, the company is said not to have reported the case to the health authority.

5.46 p.m .: UN Secretary General calls for “global ceasefire”

In view of the spread of the corona virus, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for an “immediate worldwide ceasefire”. Civilians in conflict areas must be protected from the devastating effects of the pandemic, Guterres said in New York on Monday. “The severity of the virus” shows how “senseless” wars are, said Guterres.

17:28: EU agrees to suspend debt rules

For the first time ever, the European debt and deficit rules are temporarily suspended. The EU economy and finance ministers agreed on Monday. Thanks to aid packages, the aim is to mitigate the effects of the corona virus on the EU economy as far as possible.

5:01 p.m .: Death toll in Lombardy continues to rise

The number of fatalities in Lombardy continues to rise, increasing by around 320 to more than 3,770 within a day.

4:55 pm: Cruise ship in the Pacific under quarantine

After sick leave, the Holland America Line shipping company quarantined its cruise ship “Zaandam” off the South American coast in the Pacific. All passengers should remain in their rooms until further notice, as the company announced. All public areas of the ship have been closed and meals are delivered to the rooms. The “Zaandam” has 1,243 passengers and 586 crew members on board.

4:50 p.m .: India imposes exit restrictions on 700 million people

India is rigorously fighting the spread of the corona virus. Exit restrictions apply to at least 700 million people. The Indian Ministry of Health announced on Monday that complete curfews were in effect in 19 states. In six other states and regions, there are partial exit restrictions, and in three other regions “measures have also been taken”.

The government has also announced that all domestic flights will be canceled as of Wednesday, only cargo flights will remain allowed. International flights had previously been prohibited.

16:38: First Corona test with Chancellor Merkel negative

When Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) first tested for the corona virus, no infection was found. “The test result of today’s test is negative,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday in Berlin. “Further tests will be carried out in the next few days.”

4.15 p.m .: Central Council of Muslims asks retired doctors for help

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) has called on Muslim retired doctors, nursing staff and medical students to support the hospitals. “Hospitals and health care facilities now urgently need additional, voluntary, medical personnel due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus and the increase in infections,” said ZMD Chairman Aiman ​​Mazyek in Cologne on Monday. A number of responses have already been received by the Muslim association.

15:58: Berlin calls seniors for self-quarantine

Berlin seniors over 70 years should go into self-quarantine according to the recommendation of health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD). Older people should consequently no longer leave the house, Kalayci said on Monday to the Evangelical Press Service on request. The health senator on the health committee of the Berlin House of Representatives had previously commented on this.

3:21 p.m .: Police warn: carry your ID with you!

The police in Brandenburg have recommended that the population carry their identity card or passport with them when leaving the house. Spokesman Torsten Herbst on Monday: “Dear Brandenburger, don’t make it all of us unnecessarily difficult. Reduce the inspection time by having an identifying document with you. “

Even if he specifically addressed the residents of Brandenburg – it also makes sense for citizens of other federal states to contribute an ID.

3:12 pm: Saxony wants to treat patients from Italy

Saxony wants to admit six Corona patients from Italy to its hospitals. Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) announced this in Dresden. It complies with a request from the Italian government. The hospitals in the Free State have signaled that they have the capacity to do so. In addition, one could learn to deal with the virus by treating the Italian patients.

Kretschmer: “This is a very important sign that we can also help others.”

2:03 pm: Spahn reaps criticism for THIS change

Jens Spahn also introduced a change to the Infection Protection Act in order to be able to react more quickly to pandemics in the future. The federal government should get more competencies.

This causes criticism from the opposition. “The federal government wants to secure considerable competencies in the event of an epidemic emergency in the amended Infection Protection Act. Parliament’s rights to participate and control are not adequately recognized, ”Christian Lindner told dpa.

The FDP chairman sees the parliament passed over. An emergency should only be declared jointly by the government and parliament. And above all, apply for a limited time. “In quieter times, you have to think about it again,” says Lindner.

1:46 pm: Spahn announces billions in aid

The corona virus is forcing the federal government to amend the law. Health Minister Jens Spahn has just presented the legislative plans of the health cabinet in a press conference. According to this, German clinics can expect a financial injection in the billions. The plan provides for a daily flat rate of 560 euros for each bed now kept free for the corona crisis. For every new intensive care treatment unit with artificial ventilation, hospitals are to receive a fat bonus of 50,000 euros. The clinics should also not be left with the additional costs for necessary protective equipment. For the period from April to the end of June, there should initially be a surcharge of 50 euros for each patient.

The reason for the measure: Hospitals are currently being stopped from planning operations and new admissions, if this is medically justifiable. This is intended to create capacities for corona patients with more severe disease courses. In addition, the clinics should enable as many new intensive care beds as possible. The federal government calculates only for the compensation of the postponement of scheduled OPs with possible additional expenditure of 2.8 billion euros.

12.51 p.m .: Puzzle of toilet paper solved?

It is a riddle that currently worries many people: Why on earth do Germans hamster like crazy toilet paper. An industrial psychologist now has an answer. You can find out why the coveted roles are currently out of stock here >>>

10:57: RKI boss: Measures are likely to have initial effects

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) was cautiously optimistic: The increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Germany has weakened slightly. “We see the trend that the exponential growth curve flattens somewhat,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler on Monday. However, it was too early for a definitive assessment, and it was probably only possible on Wednesday.

“But I am optimistic that these measures are already visible – which is very early because they have only really been driven for a week,” said Wieler.

7:15 a.m .: 54-year-old died without previous illnesses

First death in the district of Rosenheim in Bavaria. According to the district office, it is about a 50-year-old man. His employer, the Maxlrainer Castle Brewery, is shocked to hear the news. “We have to realize, horrified and sad, how dangerous this virus really is,” says a Facebook post.

The deceased was a 54-year-old man. He “was never really sick, he was not in a risk group and he certainly did not live in any way unhealthy.”

06:27: Merkel in quarantine AfD politicians react repulsively

It was announced on Sunday evening that Angela Merkel had to be quarantined. The Chancellor shares the fate of thousands of people in Germany. Instead of pity, Merkel was reaped by AfD politician Andreas Winhart. “Merkel in quarantine. Good ones, behind bars would be better, but it’s a start, ”tweeted the Bavarian member of the state parliament on Sunday.

For this Winhart received a real shit storm.

In the meantime, the AfD man has deleted his inflammatory tweet and made it clear that it “does not correspond to my opinion”.

Why Winhart then sent the tweet remains a mystery. The fact that he did not even apologize makes many people angrier. Selected reactions on Twitter:

  • You should be ashamed of yourself
  • Characterless. And these disgusting guys sit in our parliaments
  • You are just miserable
  • Slid mouse? Bad person

Sunday March 22nd

11:05 p.m .: Media report: Weinstein has Corona!

Ex-Hollywood star Harvey Weinstein, 68, sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape, has been tested positive for Corona, according to a media report. He was one of two prisoners in the Wende Correctional Facility suffering from Covid-19, the newspaper “Press Republican” reported.

10.55 p.m .: US Senator tested positive

Republican Rand Paul (57) is the first US Senator to test positive. A politician said Sunday that Paul did not show any symptoms, but was quarantined due to the proven infection. As a precaution, he had himself tested because of his numerous trips and events. He was not aware of any contact with an infected person.

10:15 p.m .: Place in Thuringia completely under quarantine – 900 people affected

Neustadt am Rennsteig in the Thuringian Ilm district is completely quarantined for two weeks. The MDR reports. According to the report, 900 people lived in the place. The quarantine measure was announced via loudspeaker announcement. A crisis team is now advising how the basic services of the citizens can be guaranteed. In addition, one must also ensure the supply of a children’s home.

10:05 pm: More and more deaths in the USA

In the United States, the death toll skyrocketed to 389. Over a day, more than 100 people died, according to a statement by the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Most of the fatalities were recorded in the states of New York (114), Washington (94) and California (28 dead). Nationwide, more than 32,000 people are infected with corona.

9.45 p.m .: Syria reports first death

In Syria, plagued by the civil war, the first official Covid 19 deaths occurred. Health minister Nisar al-Jasidschi announced this on Sunday evening.

8:04 pm: Brawl in Saxony-Anhalt out of fear of corona

At Barleben (Saxony-Anhalt) there was a fight for fear of the corona virus. A 65-year-old felt pressured when queuing at the cash register because a 48-year-old standing behind him had not kept his distance, the police said on Sunday.

The dispute then escalated to a “mutual assault” before the deal. The 65-year-old tore the younger man’s jacket, which the police then punched the man’s face with. The 65-year-old stumbled and fell on the bonnet of an innocent car, which was damaged as a result. The police took charges of assault from both parties.

6.46 p.m .: Merkel has to be quarantined due to contact with corona infected people

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) now has to put herself in quarantine in the corona crisis. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced on Sunday evening in Berlin.

After her press appearance in the evening, the chancellor was informed that she had contact with a doctor on Friday, who had meanwhile been tested positive for the corona virus. The doctor had carried out a preventive pneumococcal vaccination at Merkel on Friday afternoon.

After the information on Sunday evening, the Chancellor decided to immediately quarantine her home, Seibert said. “It will be tested regularly over the next few days because a test would not be fully meaningful yet. The Federal Chancellor will also do her official business out of domestic quarantine. ”

Merkel had given a press conference on Sunday evening after a phone call to the prime ministers of the countries regarding contact restrictions regarding the corona virus. The federal and state governments had decided that collections of more than two people should be prohibited in public across Germany. Relatives who live in their own household are excluded.

17:57: Bavaria should NOT take over ban on gathering for more than two people

Spectacular news from Bavaria! According to the dpa news agency, Bavaria does NOT want to accept the ban on gathering agreed by the federal and state governments for more than two people. This is said to have been announced on Sunday from the Bavarian State Chancellery. It should remain that only family members are allowed to go out together.

5.50 p.m .: Merkel: “A big change for me too”

The rules would also have an impact on her private and professional life, says Merkel: “There are no personal conversations or meetings. See how we sit here. Of course that is a big change for me too. ”

5.42 p.m .: Merkel: “No recommendations, but rules!”

Merkel continued on Sunday: “I would like to point out again that these are not recommendations. There are rules that everyone must abide by. “On the dispute between the Prime Ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, Armin Laschet and Markus Soder, Merkel says:” It was a lively discussion. Ultimately, it is important that we all agree. “

5:38 p.m .: Ban on contact – what else can I do and what is now prohibited?

The Federal Government is cracking down on fighting the corona virus! From now on, a contact ban applies. But what does the new regulation mean for you? >> HERE WE RESPOND THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

17:37: Merkel announces a nationwide ban on contacts

For the first time in the history of the Federal Republic, there will be a nationwide ban on contacts. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced this early Sunday evening. Accordingly, gatherings of more than two people are strictly prohibited. Families and people living in a household are excluded.

Restaurants and hairdressers are closed nationwide. In addition, people should keep a minimum distance of between 1.5 and 2 meters. The tightened measures should last for at least two weeks. The police will be responsible for the control, and the regulatory authorities will provide support.

3:22 pm: Giant dispute at conference call of the countries

The country heads are currently discussing a possible nationwide curfew with Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to picture information, a huge dispute between Armin Laschet (NRW) and Markus Soder (Bavaria) should have arisen. The reason for the dispute: Laschet presented a paper on corona containment, which he wanted to adopt with eleven other federal states.

Soder is said to have felt attacked and threatened to leave the conference.

The paper was about avoiding curfews. Contact bans are more targeted than curfews, it said. As the picture further reports, Markus Soder has prevailed, Angela Merkel has agreed to him. The paper is off the table, nothing seems to stand in the way of curfews.

The chancellor makes an official statement at 5:30 p.m.

13:06: 1.5 million Britons are to be quarantined for three months

Up to 1.5 million Britons with pre-existing conditions are said to be in three-month isolation at home due to the corona pandemic. These include people with leukemia, severe respiratory diseases such as COPD and organ transplants. The state health service NHS (National Health Service) will write to those affected in the next few days, government officials said on Sunday. Where necessary, patients could also be supported in the provision of food and medication.

12.47 p.m .: Donald Trump advertises malaria medication as a weapon against the corona virus

US President Donald Trump vigorously campaigns for the use of a malaria drug in the treatment of corona sufferers. The active ingredient chloroquine in combination with the antibiotic azithromycin “can be one of the greatest breakthroughs in the history of medicine,” Trump campaigned. However, critics warned that using a drug for a new purpose is never without risks.

The director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, tried in the White House to put Trump’s enthusiasm into perspective: there have been only a few reports of the drug’s effectiveness, but no serious clinical studies. According to Fauci, it is now a matter of using the drug in a controlled and limited manner to obtain data on its effectiveness. According to Trump, 10,000 doses of the drug are already on their way to New York, the state worst affected by the new coronavirus.

11:18: The number of infected people increases more slowly

The Robert Koch Institute has announced that the number of new infections is increasing compared to the previous day, but somewhat more slowly. This could mean that the measures to contain the virus are beginning to have an effect.

10.59 a.m .: Italy ceases production of non-essential items

The Italian government has decided to close all “non-essential” companies and factories in the fight against the corona virus. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Saturday evening in a television speech that the government had decided to stop any production nationwide that was “not absolutely necessary, crucial and indispensable for basic services”. The number of fatalities in Italy had skyrocketed by almost 800 within 24 hours.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) assured in view of the dramatic situation in Italy via Twitter: “We are on the side of our Italian friends”. This shows Germany “also with medical protective equipment that we were able to hand over the day before yesterday”.

8:35 am: Severe punishments for rule-breakers demanded

The Federal Chancellor will discuss the possible curfew with the heads of the federal states from 2 p.m. It evaluates how much people adhered to the ban on gathering and the other measures. Only then will the decision be made.

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, emphasized again: “It is a matter of life and death. And we need clear measures with severe penalties for rule-breakers. “

7:19 p.m .: Former real boss Sanz died in intensive care

Lorenzo Sanz, the former president of Real Madrid, the Spanish football record champion, died at the age of 76 as a result of a corona infection. This was announced by his son Lorenzo Sanz Jr. on Saturday evening in a communique. In addition to being infected with the new virus, Sanz also had kidney disease, the treating doctors announced on request. Nothing was initially communicated about the cause of death.

Sanz had tested positive for the new Sars-CoV-2 virus a few days ago and had been in the intensive care unit of Madrid’s Jimenez Diaz hospital since Tuesday. The Spanish professional league expressed condolences to the bereaved.

(ms, ak, mg, jg)

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