Coronavirus: the French are once again betting on Livret A and LDD


Safety first. Booklet A and the sustainable development booklet (LDD) are again favored by savers. The Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire said in any case that a movement of savings towards these investments had been noted for a few days. However, he did not specify the figures immediately, reports this Wednesday March 25 Le Figaro.

These supports had however fallen in February, after the drop in their annual interest rate to 0.5% in both cases (against 0.75% previously). The French had thus placed 1.2 billion euros on the Livret A last month, or 700 million less than in February 2019, according to the Caisse des Dépôts. The LDD had collected 370 million euros last month, against 580 million euros a year earlier.

A disaffection which was therefore only temporary, according to the first indications of the boss of Bercy. The advantage of these two supports, in these times of collapse of stock market prices, lies in fact in the fact that the money placed there is guaranteed, available and not subject to income tax. Despite their low yield, these booklets are therefore ideal for precautionary savings.

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