Coronavirus: The Situation Around the World, UK Launches Home Tests


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For several weeks, the whole world has faced the unprecedented health crisis of the coronavirus. Discover the results of the countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic this Thursday, March 26, 2020. Spain exceeds the threshold of 4,000 deaths. The country extends its confinement passing it to 30 days instead of 15.The United States soon reaches 70,000 cases with more than 1,000 deaths and the United Kingdom launches next week in home tests.

In the world, the number of infected people reached 480,446 cases. We count this day, 21,571 dead in the world. While the epidemic of Coronavirus spreading worldwide and as the number of people infected continues to rise, WHO calls on countries to attack and test all suspected cases.

In Spain, the virus caused the death of 655 more people in 24 hours what Thursday March 26, Exceeding the threshold of 4,000 deaths in the country, 4,088 currently. Number of contamination has also evolved a lot, going more than 56 188 cases. Spain is the fourth most affected country in the world by this pandemic. The government decided on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the extension of the containment. Initially scheduled to last 15 days, it has been extended until April 14 for the time being. It is the Madrid region which deplores the most deaths with half of the cases currently.

Side UK, we recense 467 dead and 9,640 people tested positive at Covid-19. Boris Johnson announced a national confinement for at least 3 weeks from the UK. The country has just announced the availability of home tests starting next week. 3.5 million coronavirus tests, which can be completed in 15 minutes, will be available in pharmacies and via Amazon.

Cases in Iran explode with 29,406 cases identified. Government announces 157 new deaths in 24 hours, with an official report, this Thursday, March 26, from 2,243 dead.

In the USA, the balance sheet continues to increase. He is currently at 69,197 cases detected and the number of deaths is 1,046 deaths, placing them now as the 3rd most affected country in the World. While the WHO has designated them as the future hotbed of a probable pandemic, the government is focusing on its economy. The Senate validated this Wednesday a recovery plan for $ 2,000 billion.

Side Italy, after having started a decline for two days, giving hope to the Italians, the balance sheet started rising again yesterday with 743 deaths in 24 hours, is this Wednesday, March 25, 683 deaths. Which brings the death toll to 7,503 deaths since the start of the epidemic for 74,386 people identified.

In France, the containment is expected to continue for 6 weeks at least according to the Scientific Council created to fight the epidemic. This Wednesday March 25 in France, according to the latest assessment communicated by the health authorities, 25,233 people are infected speak COVID-19 and 1,331 died, is 231 deaths additional in 24 hours. 86% were over 70 years old. We count no less 2,827 severe cases in intensive care. A third of the patients are less than 60 years old and 59% between 60 and 80 years old. 3,900 people left the hospital cured.

In Germany, the balance sheet increases this Thursday. Government declares nearly 5,000 new cases and one-third increase in death toll increased to 198. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus contamination in Germany has now reached 36,508.

The China, meanwhile, said this Wednesday, March 25, 47 new cases contamination and 4 dead due to coronavirus. All new cases involve travelers arriving in China from abroad. China lifted the containment in Hubei this Wednesday morning, trains and coaches are taken by storm. The city of Wuhan must wait for April 8 on its side.

The epidemic is developing in Africa. Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo have declared a state of emergency while South Africa has been placed in containment. We are currently counting 2,475 cases in Africa with 64 dead.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin decreed the following week as unemployed with salary maintenance (from March 28 to April 5) via a televised speech. Only vital structures like shops, medical establishments, pharmacies, banking institutions, transport as well as government agencies will continue to function. Russia suspends all international flights from midnight on Thursday, March 25.

In IndiaPrime Minister Narendra Modi announced a three-week containment for its 1.3 billion people in a television address on Tuesday March 23.

At Portugal, the state of emergency, decreed on March 18 is going to last several months warn the authorities. There are currently 2,995 cases and 43 deaths.

Side South Korea, there is a further increase in Covid-19 infected cases. Health authorities report Wednesday 100 new infections, a third of which came from abroad. The country counts this Wednesday 9 137 cases for 126 deaths identified.

Follow the map of the evolution of the pandemic in real time:

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Coronavirus: the situation in the world, 738 dead in Spain in 24 hoursCoronavirus: the situation in the world, 738 dead in Spain in 24 hoursCoronavirus: the situation in the world, 738 dead in Spain in 24 hoursCoronavirus: the situation in the world, 738 dead in Spain in 24 hours

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