Covid-19 screening: an ultra-fast test to detect the virus soon


A new type of test to reveal the Covid-19 should arrive in France within a few weeks. BioMerieux, the world giant in in vitro diagnostics, has just received the green light from the American authorities for the marketing in the United States of this new tool, presented as “reliable and fast”.

“It detects the virus in around 45 minutes from a nasopharyngeal swab taken with a swab,” explains bioMerieux management from its headquarters in Marcy-l’Etoile (Rhône), near Lyon. “It is very easy to use and requires only minimal training and skills in molecular biology. This new ultrafast test should be used as a priority for severely ill patients. Currently, it takes several hours to get the results.

To be able to speed up the epidemic, bioMerieux is pushing the production capacities of its American factory in Salt Lake City, Utah to the maximum. The first deliveries will be reserved for the United States Department of Defense, before the entire American market is served, then the rest of the world, as permits are issued.

This new test is the second launched by the group to detect the Sars-Cov-2. The third is still in preparation. It will detect 21 pathogens at a time, including the coronavirus. It should be marketed during the summer.

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