“Crucial to protect the economic health” of F1 teams


Despite sporting interests clearly linked to the future technical regulations, which had quickly obtained its frank support, the stable McLaren was one of the first to play “an active role” in the decision taken last week to postpone it to 2022. In a situation of global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Woking structure wants to display great clarity in its management, as it has been able to do to another level by quickly taking responsibility in Melbourne when it was necessary to announce its withdrawal.

While the quarantined personnel will return to Europe this week, McLaren will begin a 21-day suspension of its activities this Wednesday, in accordance with the agreement that has been reached between the teams and F1 to advance the summer break. So many decisions necessary for everyone’s survival. “In addition to reducing the financial pressure, a synchronized cessation of activities between all the teams is a logical way to protect the health of our staff and avoid the spread of COVID-19, but it also gives the opportunity to reprogram the Grands Prix postponed to August and beyond to offer fans a spectacular summer “, says Andreas Seidl, director of the British team.

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“From the start, we have been one of the main supporters of the new sports and technical regulations for 2021”, he adds. “This gives the opportunity to open an exciting new era for Formula 1. However, it is impossible to escape the pressures that F1 is currently facing. Just as the introduction of new rules was aimed at improving long-term sustainability in Formula 1, the decision to postpone them was taken in the same vein. We support the postponement and we played an active role in the discussions to achieve it. We recognize that it is crucial to protect the economic health of all the stables, while ensuring fair conditions when we resume the race.Moreover, this decision has no impact on our transition to the Mercedes power unit in 2021, and we will be authorized to make the necessary changes on our car to adapt to it. “

All McLaren F1 activities are now on hiatus until April 14, inclusive, after having prepared for this period as best as possible. “Currently, the priority for everyone on the team is to stay safe”, insists Andreas Seidl. “Before the suspension of activities, most of the team worked from their home, only the essential staff worked at the factory with rotations of schedules. This allows us to be ready to run again as soon as we can, while minimizing the risk to our team. We all want to run and we have this passion within us, no matter how we work. The effort doesn’t stop, we just make sure we work safely. “

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