Cruise: Insider unpacks – for that you are thrown from board


Cruise: Insider unpacks – for that you are thrown from board

Cruise: Certain things are not welcome on a cruise ship. (Icon image)
Cruise: Certain things are not welcome on a cruise ship. (Icon image)
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On a cruise there are clear rules that every passenger must adhere to.

If you don’t, you can expect to be thrown out of the boat.

Cruise: If you do that, you will be thrown out of the boat

Some things are with one cruise Simply taboo. Those who behave badly can end their journey prematurely. What can also lead to a referral from the cruise ship is pregnancy.

Women who are in the first or second quarter of their pregnancy are usually allowed to travel. However, if pregnancy is more advanced, those women are not allowed to enter the ship. The reason: cruise operators want to prevent possible pregnancy complications or premature birth. The British Express reports.

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Cruise ships generally have one or more doctors and nurses on board, but not many. And: “Cruise ship doctors are unlikely to fully treat life-threatening illnesses or injuries on board because they do not have all the resources of a medical facility on land,” says Adam Coulter of the British Cruise Critic. Thus, complications during or after childbirth might not be able to help.

The mother and baby would then have to be brought ashore by boat or helicopter. That would not only be very complex, but also extremely expensive. Basically, Coulter always recommends that tourists on a cruise take out appropriate health insurance in advance.


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Simple tricks can help

But what do you do if you become pregnant unexpectedly before you start your trip? “If you don’t want to travel and have not yet paid the full amount, it is generally easy to cancel and get a refund of the payment,” explains the insider. However, this varies depending on the cruise operator. Therefore, travel insurance is also recommended.

Women who are still in the early stages of pregnancy should get a doctor’s letter before starting the cruise. In this, the attending doctor should note the expected date of birth and confirm that the mother and unborn baby are healthy. The doctor should also ensure that pregnancy does not pose a high risk.


These are the largest cruise ships in the world:

  • Symphony of the Seas (6800 passengers)
  • Costa Smeralda (6200)
  • MSC Bellissima (5700)
  • Harmony of the Seas (5479)
  • Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas (5400)
  • MSC Grandiosa (4900)
  • MSC Meraviglia (4488)


An alternative to a usual ocean cruise is a river cruise. After all, you are always close to the mainland and can go to a local hospital relatively quickly in an emergency.

What to do to avoid trouble?

If you want to avoid possible trouble from a pregnancy on board, you should ensure certain things before booking. If you want to start a family, it is best to check with the cruise line or travel agency which standards apply to pregnant women at a stage beyond the 24th week.

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Coulter also advises that you familiarize yourself with the cancellation fees in advance and take out travel insurance, as the British Express writes. (nk)

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