Dennis Rodman ready for a crazy challenge


It’s been a long time since Dennis Rodman hadn’t been talked about. And the eccentric ex-Bull is back with a challenge well perched in mind.

Confinement gives ideas to Dennis Rodman. The most eccentric player in history has a next challenge in mind: he wants to face Rob Gronkowski, former NFL Patriots player, in a wrestling match.

He shared his idea in a recent WWE documentary, “WWE Untold: Robzilla Runs Wild”.

Someone asked me, “Dennis, do you still want to fight? “One guy I would really like to fight is Markowski.”

I mean Rob, the guy from New England. He talks a lot. I’m 50, he’s 32 or 33. It doesn’t matter to me, let’s settle this.

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So Rodman wants to do wrestling. An area he already knows, he who in 1998 appeared in a fight of the WCW (bought by WWE since), with in particular Karl Malone and the famous Hulk Hogan. More than 20 years ago, the old Bull was already crossed by strange ideas, and the fight at Bash at The Beach had caused a lot of talk in the NBA spheres.

Gronk ’, just as eccentric as the former basketball player, also has a foothold in the world of pro wrestling. It is currently under contract with WWE and will host the next WrestleMania in April, which will take place in camera and will be pre-recorded due to a pandemic.

It’s obviously too late for this edition of WrestleMania, but who knows, Rodman could see his wish come true next year. He would thus join Shaquille O’Neal among the former wrestlers who participated in the great mass of world wrestling:

Everything is going well for Dennis Rodman. The flashes of genius continue to pour into his head: The Worm in WWE, we come running.

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