Dionysius, the only seer who saw the coronavirus coming: “The epidemic will last until the end of June”


Denys Raffarin clearly spoke of a viral pandemic in his predictions for the year 2020.

The ritual is immutable, almost sanctuarized. Even if the failure rate is rarely counted, the psychics, psychics and specialists in celestial bodies and coffee grounds squatting shortly before New Year’s pages and websites of newspapers but also of TV and women’s magazines. With predictions that may sound serious, but which, a year later, seem more like a piffometer than science.

In December 2019, we got, you got everything and sometimes anything. If nobody is going to announce a death, all of them, that they read in the dandelions, the bowl of the dog, in the jars of turned over mustard or in engine oil, there were difficulties for, in bulk, Macron, Trump, Poutine and the greats of this world. In Belgium, our Red Devils were going to be European champions. Necessarily. The government crisis would last. In short, only basic.

On the other hand, you can start rowing to find a light who had … seen the coronavirus coming. However, this poison sweeps over the entire planet, sowing death and misery. In principle, a lucid seer should have sensed it. However, there are those on the fingers of one hand who have clearly announced this apocalytic scenario.

French clairvoyant Denys Raffarin, cousin of former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre, published his predictions in November 2019 on his personal website but also on the Objectif Gard website. With a sentence more than prescient and to say all of it challenging.

“There is fear of a form of viral pandemic affecting many countries quickly.” Most Cartesians will say that the word coronavirus is not mentioned but let’s admit that there is something to scratch the occiput. Enough to contact this clairvoyant who is more clairvoyant than his colleagues.

“I admit that I was very surprised at the precision of my prediction in this area, affirms this Bordeaux native by birth who has officiated as a psychic-psychic for more than twenty years. It surprises me that other colleagues have not felt the same as I. Perhaps I could have put the right words on my feelings. If, in consultation, I work with a deck of tarot cards or a pendulum, I rather trust my feelings in annual predictions. “

“I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders”

Our Nostradamus does not want to push the collar but claims to have “85% of predictions which prove to be correct. I sometimes crash, I recognize it but it is often in space time. In other words, the events do take place but later than what I had announced. “

The seer is not blind. He knows that his profession carries skepticism, mistrust and attracts many charlatans and marabouts.

“I am aware of this. As secretary general of the Guild of Divinatory Arts and Traditional Therapy, I have been claiming real status since 1994. For the time being, we pay our taxes but we do not have legal status This would eliminate the abusers. “

Let’s go back to the pandemic. If Denys saw her coming, he must be able to know when she is going to … leave.

“After making this announcement, I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. I can’t say anything. People call me from all over to know the future. From how I feel, we have up to “At the end of June with this pandemic. The virus, by traveling the countries, will mutate but we will succeed in eradicating it.”

Rather good news if you joined the clan of followers of Dionysius, also a member of the Knights of the Order of the Temple under the name of Pierre de Lyon. We are only in March. Let’s take a distracted look at his other predictions for the year 2020. Donald Trump will be re-elected, Prince Charles will succeed Queen Elizabeth on the throne of England and, more morbidly, the disappearance of two big stars of French cinema. Go to the end of the year to check if the 85% success rate has been reached.

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