DSDS (RTL): Bohlen exposes Silbereisen – riddle about the love status of the pop singer


Florian Silbereisen steals the show from DSDS at DSDS and chats openly about Helene Fischer and wild nights. What many TV viewers notice: Is the “loan” overqualified?

  • Florian Silbereisen sat in the second live show of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” * instead of Xavier Naidoo in the jury.
  • His debut in the RTL broadcast, however, took place under tightened Corona conditions instead of.
  • He stole it Dieter Bohlen the show – and received multiple praise for his appearance on the Internet.

Update from March 23, 2020, 1:05 p.m .: Before the start of the latest edition of DSDS on Saturday evening at RTL in many places there was a shake of the head for the decision Florian Silbereisen in the jury pick up. After the premiere of the popular hit star on the popular TV format, however, one thing is certain: Silbereisen does not only appear to be a full member of the ranks for show “Titan” Dieter Bohlen – for many viewers he was even the most competent judge.

There is even a rumor that Florian Silbereisen is the dragon * in “The Masked Singer”. But whether he can really manage this in time, in addition to his new job as a DSDS juror?

Florian Silbereisen at DSDS: Too hard for constructive criticism?

The reactions in the social networks make it clear that many fans of “Germany seeks the superstar“Her opinion about the ex-boyfriend of hit queen Helene Fischer has changed a great deal: Numerous TV viewers have clearly been made clear that the entertainment value of DSDS is much more important than the musical fitness of the candidates …

Accordingly, some pursuers noticed that the 38-year-old made an effort to get the vocal performances the candidate expert to rate:

Florian Silbereisen may even come to the realization that as a new jury member of the TV singing show heoverqualified“Is? A user can well imagine that the 38-year-old has already lost the desire for another DSDS broadcast:

Also silver iron Dealing with musical talent caused positive reactions on the Internet. In contrast to other things, the “loan” of the ARD also gave a convincing picture in terms of humanity, according to some users:

Many other supporters of the show express their delight and write that Silbereisen is “the best juror in years is “. Incidentally, the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” came along RTL on Saturday evening to a total of 3.93 million viewers, this corresponds to a market share of 11.4 percent. Silbereisen, whose current TV format “Traumschiff” cannot be shot due to the corona pandemic, replaced Xavier Naidoo in the jury, who later Racism allegations had to give way.

A Cologne crime scene commissioner is also causing excitement. The trigger is the somewhat peculiar choice of his vehicle.

DSDS: Bohlen exposes Silbereisen – Has the pop singer been forgiven or not?

Update from 22.03.2020, 8.30 a.m .: Florian Silbereisen is in hit circles rather than Social media muffle known. But just when he started at the RTL show DSDS there is now something new – namely your own Instagram account.

The fans are happy – the account has already collected over 6,000 followers overnight. And they found his appearance DSDS great: “I was thrilled by Florian! Something of sympathetic and stayed on the ground, criticism of the candidates who had their hands and feet and you can tell who really knows about music He might be particularly pleased with comments from users who say they are otherwise no pop and silver iron fans – but now really surprised by his performance: “Who would have thought”, writes a user.

11.03pm: Silbereisen is definitely in DSDS mode! He has now arrived correctly, he says at the end of the live show. Now he also knew what was going on during the breaks – “nothing!” He could go smoking for that, unlike in his own ZDF shows, Bohlen smirked from the side. Next week there will be a reunion with Silbereisen with him – but not with candidate Marcio Pereira Conrado. It wasn’t enough for him today – he’s out.

DSDS: Silbereisen raves about his ex Helene – Bohlen wants to know more about his love life

10:35 p.m .: Silbereisen is talking about Helene again! Helene Fischer is a great role model for DSDS candidate Paulina. “I know her very well too”says Flori with a wink. Then he gets enthusiastic: “It is by far the most perfect!”, because she never stops working and rehearsing. Paulina should follow her example and continue.

Visibly reluctant to hold the underpants in his hand: DSDS candidate Ramon Kaselowsky with the “gift” from Florian Silbereisen.

© Screenshot TV Now

For some reason, Bohlen wants to couple him with the candidate: “Are you actually forgiven at the moment?” This is uncomfortable for Silbereisen. He initially negates the intimate question and then avoids: “I always wanted to talk about my love life during my first DSDS episode …”

10:20 p.m .: Again Florian Silbereisen is pretty open and blunt. He feels like Joshua Tappe’s smoky voice wild men’s nights with colleague Stefan Mross remind. “I sounded like it in the morning”.

Silbereisen unpacks the underpants and “gives them away” to the DSDS candidate

10:05 p.m .: A pretty trashy scene – Silbereisen is now really at RTL level! After the appearance of Ramon Kaselowsky with “Red lips should be kissed”, he creates a strange scene. He chats that he does one every Saturday night show red “lucky underpants” sluggish. He could hold on to this – which not only raises the question for Bohlen: “Where are you holding on to ?!” Then Silbereisen actually takes out a “guaranteed washed” red underpants – and throws them on the stage at Ramon’s feet. Handover is not possible because of the corona protective measures.

The candidate doesn’t even know what to do. He actually seems to be disgusted by the “gift” and is hesitant and reluctant to pick up the slip.

DSDS: Florian Silbereisen blows one out – “My boxes are still with Helene”

9.40 p.m .: Silbereisen is good for DSDS – that’s for sure. Also because he is self-ironic. After Lydia Kelovitz’s shrill appearance with “I Love Rock’n’Roll”, the pop bard feels reminded of his own early days. He also wanted to stand out at the time. “Oh! So that’s your excuse for your mullet? ”Moderator Alexander Klaws asks cheekily, although he himself is raised by planks because of his new hairstyle.

And then suddenly Helene Fischer is the topic again. Silbereisen had saved colorful suits from his early days that he could make available to Lydia – but: “Some of my boxes are still at Helene’s home!” The DSDS candidate is then enthusiastic about the new juror: “Florian brings the necessary glamor in!” Silbereisen is increasingly stealing Bohlen’s show here …

Silver iron counterattack at DSDS – he steals Bohlen more and more the show

9:22 pm: Silbereisen is really a stimulus for the RTL show – because he climbs into the ring with planks. After the appearance of Marcio Pereira Conrado with “Don’t Feel Like Dancin ‘” by the Scissor Sisters, Silbereisen takes the attack. A revenge for the Helene Fischer top? “Dieter, shut your ears! I don’t like men when they’re peeping up there ”says the guest judge. Knowing well that this review also includes the squeaky hits of Modern talking concerns.

Silbereisen underlines that he has a clue. He talks about chest and head voices – and not a few spectators are impressed. “Help, Silbereisen is far too competent for the jury!”, “And it already shows that Florian Silbereisen is the most competent judge that has ever been on this program” or “Florian Silbereisen is surprisingly the best judge today”, it says Twitter.

DSDS: Dieter Bohlen thins Silbereisen ex Helene Fischer – “What your ex never had …”

9.10 p.m .: Oha! Bohlen takes a tip against Silbereisen’s ex-partner Helene Fischer. Again, candidate Chiara D’Amico was the trigger. She sings the Beatric Egli hit “Mein Herz” by Bohlen. He then takes a swipe: “This title has something that his ex never had: A number 1 in the single charts!” Silbereisen laughs.

Florian Silbereisen sat next to Dieter Bohlen in the DSDS jury.

© Screenshot TV Now

But he agrees with Bohlen: Chiara presented great. Silbereisen had been singing along with her performance all the time: “My heart is burning a bit for you now!”

Bohlens too – again he alludes to Chiaras appearance: “You look like a goddess. Now that’s really boah! “

Florian Silbereisen premiere at DSDS (RTL): He is ashamed of strangers to planks

8.44 p.m .: Now Silbereisen has his first assignment as a juror – he can evaluate the performance of the DSDS-Top-6 at a group appearance. He makes it a bit reserved and too friendly. After that, it’s next to Bohlen – and promptly provides a strange feeling of shame at Silbereisen. “If I had to choose someone for tonight, I would take Chiara”, announces this in the direction of the attractive DSDS candidate, who looks rather irritated. Silbereisen buries his face in his hands and exhorts him: “Dieter !!!” Even with many viewers, the flirting saying of the 66-year-old to the 19-year-old is not well received.

Shortly thereafter, the ZDF captain grabs into the evaluation of the DSDS boss again. “How do you think pop singers can’t move?”he echoed himself ironically when Bohlen highlighted the performance of Ramon Kaselowsky, who otherwise preferred to sing German hits. Silbereisen sings even in the Schlager trio Klubbb3.

One thing is clear: Silbereisen opens his mouth – and is in no way in the shadow of Dieter Bohlen.

Ticker for the DSDS premiere by Florian Silbereisen (RTL): He chats secret phone call

8:29 pm: Since Silbereisen not only sits next to Dieter Bohlen, but also in the immediate vicinity of the co-judge Pietro Lombardi, a viewer hopes for a soap opera drama on the live show. He responds to the rumors that Silbereisen and Sarah Lombardi are filming the ZDF dream ship should have flirted! Now he hopes for a jealousy drama on the RTL stage. It doesn’t look like that in the first few minutes – but would definitely bring action into the story …

8.20 p.m .: A little TV sensation: Florian Silbereisen is actually sitting right next to Dieter Bohlen! “Our new DSDS dream team! All of Germany will talk about it “, predicts Alexander Klaws. With applause from the tape, he enters the stage together with Bohlen. “I’m really happy,” says Silbereisen.

“Dieter called me if I could jump in spontaneously”, says Silbereisen. The background is the end of Xavier Naidoo after his RTL expulsion. Otherwise he had previously watched DSDS “comfortably on the sofa at home”, gives Silbereisen private insights, now he is sitting next to “the Poptitan”.

DSDS: Florian Silbereisen celebrates jury debut – viewers angry before: “low point”

Cologne – These are turbulent times in which we live – for “Germany seeks the superstar“That seems to be true in two respects: Firstly, the vocal casting has to be in view of the current one Corona crisis dramatic Safety measures seize. On the other hand, the RTL show itself was just the last Scandal of jury member Xavier Naidoo met. Its place should now Florian Silbereisen take, but the DSDS premiere of the pop star does not seem to be under a good star. So rage viewers are already angry on the net in advance. Also between DSDS broadcaster RTL and ARD there is a lot of noise because of Silbereisen.

DSDS (RTL): Drastic measures due to the corona crisis

“If everything we believed in is on the verge, then the music has the power to make us winners,” the trailer says second live show * of “Germany is looking for the superstar”. Their charisma could have been on the verge, because the current corona crisis is leaving its mark. So the makers had to do that Safety precautions tighten again in the studio to be able to broadcast the next episode of the singing competition. As RTL reports, the candidates should no longer be supported by dancers in their performances. In addition, only the spatially separated candidates will appear at the candidates’ appearances jury* to be there.

DSDS (RTL): Florian Silbereisen gets Xavier Naidoos jury place

Xavier Naidoo recently made a tangible statement due to his racist statements scandal with drastic consequences. RTL was forced to throw Naidoo out of the DSDS jury. Rumors about his successor were quickly spread, and even Wendler as Naidoos successor was already mentioned.

In the meantime, a replacement has actually been found for the German R’n’B musician, because, as Dieter Bohlen, among other things, announced quite euphorically, Florian Silbereisen will take a seat next to him at the jury panel in the future. But by no means all viewers are enthusiastic about this, as can be seen from numerous Facebook comments.

Spectators blaspheme about the addition of Florian Silbereisen to the DSDS jury

The fans of the pop singer think “Florian Silbereisen is cool” and think he can always stay, but others are more than just skeptical: “Are you serious? Replacing Xavier with such a jumping jack ”, it is said, sometimes the change behind the jury is already called“ downfall ”of the program. “Now RTL and DSDS are on Low point arrived, ”another user writes, while another stinks:“ Great, the fourth jury member who can’t sing. ”

Spectators demand hiring of DSDS (RTL)

“With all the other problems we currently have, the show should have been canceled or ended with the three remaining judges as the last live show today,” it also says. Other DSDS fans have the opposite opinion, who write: “It’s great that you are going to continue. I’m looking forward to Saturday evening and some lightness and nice music ”. You already promise to watch the show because “good entertainment distracts a little in this bad time”.

A little distraction was probably the goal of the “Let’s Dance *” producers, because the RTL dance competition has also taken place so far despite the Corona crisis – something that not all fans approved.

Fans of the RTL soap operas “Unter Uns” and “GZSZ” must now be strong. Due to the corona virus, the productions have been discontinued on some shows of the private broadcaster.

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