DSDS (RTL): Pietro Lombardi juror at “Das Supertalent”? Dieter Bohlen patted himself up


DSDS (RTL): Will the DSDS juror Pietro Lombardi soon be on the jury for “Das Supertalent”? Pop titan Dieter Bohlen is blabbing on Instagram.

  • Pietro Lombardi (27) is a judge on the TV show “Germany is looking for the superstar”
  • Fans also want the DSDS winner in other formats
  • Will he soon sit next to Dieter Bohlen on the jury for “Das Supertalent”?

Cologne – For fans of Sarah and Pietro Lombardi * (27) it was Hammer news: While Dieter Bohlen (66) * brought his buddy Pietro Lombardi into the jury of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) *, Sarah Lombardi was allowed to take one Place in the “Das Supertalent” jury looking forward. Pietro Lombardi is now allowed to second season in a row as a DSDS jury member fortunate. Does Dieter Bohlen in “Das Supertalent” (RTL)? The 66-year-old is blabbing away. Extratipp.com* reported.

DSDS star Pietro Lombardi.

© Stefan Gregorowius / TVNOW

DSDS: Sarah and Pietro Lombardi are popular with Dieter Bohlen and RTL fans

For RTL fans, there is probably almost nothing better than that Lombardis seen on TV. After all, you could Life of Sarah and Pietro Lombardi Always follow in public – from the first butterflies in the stomach at DSDS to the dream couple finale to the tearful separation. Even if the take care of the two musicians for son Alessio and work on their solo careers on the side, they still have Time for various TV shows. Sarah Lombardi was seen on “Dancing on Ice” (Sat. 1), on “Das Supertalent” (RTL *) in the jury and also Pietro Lombardi delighted his fans on RTL.

Sarah and Pietro Lombardi were once the DSDS dream couple.

© picture alliance / ZB / Britta Pedersen

DSDS (RTL): Pietro Lombardi and his ex involved in numerous TV shows

It is clear: Dieter Bohlen seems that Ex-couple very much appreciated. After all, the 66-year-old has his owntwo shows DSDS and “Das Supertalent” a great say as a jury boss. The fact that both Lombardi are represented in the popular TV shows * should not be a coincidence. Through the common scenes on TV the viewer is always given the image that the Lombardis is also outside of public life understand well with Dieter Bohlen. Also on the new album by Pietro Lombardi the DSDS boss participated.

Pietro Lombardi sits on the jury for the second year in a row at DSDS.

© Stefan Gregorowius / TVNOW

DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen shows friendship video of him and Pietro Lombardi

Dieter Bohlen is now showing a video on Instagram that many Edits by him and Pietro Lombardis Relationship shows. The two are annoyed, laugh together and dear words. “I don’t think anything can separate us anymore. I I really love you, DieterOne hears that DSDS winner from 2011 say. This clip naturally warms the hearts of the fans, which is clear in the comments. But a follower of Dieter Bohlen has a wish.

Will Dieter Bohlen pick up DSDS star Pietro Lombardi in the jury of “Das Supertalent”?

Super talent with you, Pietro and Bruce would be insane! ”finds a user. Pietro Lombardi on the jury for “Das Supertalent”? So far his sits Ex-wife Sarah Lombardi on the jury square alongside Bruce Darncell and Dieter Bohlen. But could anything change? Dieter Bohlen patted himself up and writes: “I think so too.” So far it is not known who will sit in the next season of “Das Supertalent”. But if the Poptitan thinks the idea is so good – who knows what can be done there.

Dieter Bohlen is blabbering: That’s how he would find Pietro Lombardi in “Das Supertalent”.

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More about DSDS (RTL) at extratipp.com *: Dieter Bohlen with bad derailment against Helene Fischer in the live show – does the Pop-Titan even need that?

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