Edition Thionville – Hayange | Coronavirus and tap water: the mayor’s blunder


“Because of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and, as a safety measure, the ARS (Regional Health Agency) advises you to boil tap water before consuming it. In Rédange (900 inhabitants, Moselle-Nord), this flyer distributed Monday by the town hall in the mailboxes set fire to the powder. Overwhelmed by phone calls, the town hall was quick to recognize its blunder. Because contrary to what the text indicates, the transmission of the coronavirus by water is not proven, as recalled by the World Health Organization (WHO). The various water treatments (chlorine, ozone, UV) eliminate all viruses.

“Three lines to sum up”

It all started with a problem of turbidity (cloudy water) found in the network. “On several occasions, we tried to reach ARS, as well as Veolia, to find out what the risks were,” reports, embarrassed, mayor Daniel Cimarelli.

On March 16, the Regional Health Agency finally announced that tap water was “not in compliance with the regulatory quality limit for the turbidity parameter” and that “necessary corrective measures” should be taken. The addition of chlorine is recommended. The ARS also recommends that users boil water before consuming it.

At the same time, the town hall is receiving a note from the ARS addressed to communities, on good practices to be adopted with regard to water treatment, entitled “Covid-19 and water”. This note recalls that “the presence of coronavirus in [l’eau] is unlikely ”. A confusion is made between the two letters. “I had three lines to summarize several pages of documents and I am not an engineer …”, agrees Daniel Cimarelli to explain the awkwardness. The reference to Covid-19 should never have appeared on the flyer. On the other hand, the Redangeois must indeed boil the water before drinking it …

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