Estrosi, Boyer, Vassal … The right takes up the cause for Professor Didier Raoult


Valerie Boyer, deputy Les Republicains (LR) for Bouches-du-Rhône, is familiar with the infectious disease center of Professor Didier Raoult in Marseille. Like many local elected officials, she visited him many times. When she realized that her persistent cough might be a sign of a coronavirus infection, she naturally turned to this institution. “I went there like everyone else one morning and got tested” tells the elected, declared positive Monday March 16 and hospitalized the same evening in the unit.

The treatment with hydroxychloroquine, defended and administered by Professor Raoult, was then offered to him. She doesn’t hesitate for a second. The controversies over the seriousness of his studies? “An absolute scandal”, for the Member, who makes a ” overconfidence “ to the teacher, “An authority”, she specifies. “I am outraged, these criticisms are lamentable, especially as they come from people who are today unable to find a solution”, gets mad at the member.

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Within the right-wing party, where the coronavirus particularly struck – several deputies, including Christian Jacob, the president of the party, are affected – there are a few, like Martine Vassal, the party candidate in the Marseille area for the municipal ones, to have been treated at the infectious disease center of Marseille, and many to defend at all costs the treatment of Didier Raoult.

“It was not just anything”

Figure of LR, Christian Estrosi, who was also sick and treated according to the protocol of the infectiologist, extols his merits throughout interventions. The mayor of Nice explained on Twitter that “Contacted the president of Sanofi” to secure the chloroquine supply for his city’s hospital. “He is one of the doctors and scientists with whom I am close, who have advised me in my health and research decisions for a long time. I did not wait to be touched to defend his protocol and naturally, when I was concerned, I was not going to use a prescription other than the one I was supporting “, he explains.

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Yves Moraine, chairman of the LR group on the Marseille municipal council, was also treated in the teacher’s unit. He did not know him personally, but like many elected officials, had heard of him and had encountered him in the exercise of his functions. “I have confidence in this team which is world renowned, I know their successes, the level of their scientists”, he says. A faith reinforced by the medical examination which preceded his treatment. “It was precise control, it wasn’t just anything either”, continues Yves Moraine, who says he prefers, ” in times of war “, “Leave it to the people on the ground rather than the experts on TV sets”.

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