Ex-Schalke Wellenreuther “cannot understand Nubel change”


Goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther has little understanding for the change of his former team-mate Alexander Nubel to Bayern Munich. “If I knew that Manuel Neuer was number 1, I wouldn’t go there personally. I can’t understand that. But nobody knows exactly what they promised him in advance, only Bayern, Alex and his advisor” said the 24-year-old SID.

Timon Wellenreuther currently plays for Willem II Tilburg

Timon Wellenreuther currently plays for Willem II Tilburg

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The keeper of the Dutch first division team Willem II Tilburg feels with Nubel, who has had a difficult time since the transfer to Schalke in Munich in the summer. “Not every club is as blatant as Schalke, there is a lot more pressure for goalkeepers, because if you make a mistake you are in the fire much more”, he said: “On the other hand, it is also great for a goalkeeper Being in the center of attention like that just made me better. ”

Before the corona crisis, Wellenreuther played the best season of his career, the specialist journal Voetbal International named him the strongest first-round goalkeeper. His achievements have put him in the focus of larger clubs, the Hamburger SV is interested. His contract expires and “the most important decision” of his career is imminent, he said. He was “open to many things”, including staying.


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