FIFA in favor of contracts ending at the end of the season


According to Reuters, which has obtained a document from the international body, FIFA wants to see the contracts of players and coaches ending in June extended until the end of the current seasons. A measure taken delayed by the coronavirus epidemic, which caused the interruption of all the championships.

Gianni Infantino and his disciples would therefore have made their decision on the best option to take for players whose contracts expire on June 30. Delaying the deadline until the end of the championships seems a pretty logical decision. This proposal should be discussed on Thursday by members of a working group within FIFA. Officially, no decision has yet been made.

The change of the dates of the next mercatos is also proposed in the same document, in order to best match the new dates of the current seasons, interrupted until further notice.

Finally, still on the agenda of this working group, FIFA should also ask clubs and players to work together to find solutions to the payment of salaries during this period without competition.

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