Formula 1 | Canadas GP says continue preparations, but …


Following the postponement of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku in early June, the first Grand Prix of the season became that of Canada on June 14.

Few observers believe that this race could be maintained in the current context, the teams being moreover based in Europe. But Francois Dumontier, the promoter, assures that the preparations continue however.

“For the moment, the Grand Prix is ​​still scheduled for June 14. If there is an announcement to be made, it will take place between Easter (April 12) and May 1. This period coincides with the deadlines that we have set to delay setting up the site. We’re optimistic, but lucid too, “ recognizes the Quebecois.

Dumontier assures that Montreal is more flexible.

“We should certainly not compare ourselves to other temporary circuits like Baku or Monaco, whose race has been canceled altogether. Unlike these two events, we can start mounting later on the site because it is more light. Usually it is undertaken in early April. We can wait a bit. “

“There are many factors to consider before making a final decision. We are in discussions with the various levels of government. We are proactive and we are monitoring the situation closely.”

Like many countries, the borders are closed in Quebec, for at least three weeks.

“So that brings us to the April 13 deadline. All options will be assessed to make a final decision. We haven’t gotten to that point.”

Is a postponement possible for Montreal and, if so, on what date?

“Everyone will have to make concessions. A weekend over 2 days? Possible too, we do not want it but we understand that it is an exceptional situation. I can assure you that Montreal is a priority for F1. has proven in the past that we are among the most popular races. “

“The race will not take place in November,” said Dumontier for those who were thinking of coupling with Austin and Mexico.

“But we could consider the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. We are in any case not considering a cancellation, unless the entire Formula 1 season is canceled!”

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