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Every day, Epic Games puts new content online in the Fortnite store. You can regularly find new content, skins, picks, back accessories and various other cosmetics.

Fortnite Boutique March 26, 2020

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You can find in this shop of March 26, 2020 a whole bunch of skins. Make your choice because some skins may not return for several weeks, months, years … There are many choices of cosmetics available to you!

As you can see in the picture, the store is still separated into two categories: objects of the day and the featured items. Daily items are only there for 24 hours, and are generally less expensive than featured items. There are always at least two skins and two emotes in this category! As for the featured items, they are generally there for 48 hours, and their content is often rarer but also more expensive.

To purchase this content, you must use V-Bucks, which is the currency of the game. To acquire them, go to the Shop tab, where you can choose to put between 10 and 100 € in the game to have V-Bucks! Cosmetics will usually cost you between 200 and 1600 V-Bucks.

If you make a purchase, don’t forget to enter a creator code (BreakflipFR (#ad) if you want to support us) in the game, this allows you to support your favorite content creator thanks to the purchases you make in the game! Part of the money you spend is given to them.

Do not hesitate to consult the site every day to be aware of the various items offered for sale in the Fortnite store!


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