FP: Austria is “laughing stock in international media”


“We want less marketing and more measures,” party leader Norbert Hofer said in a press conference on Thursday. In addition, one can often not rely on the word of the ministers. Hofer also demanded an allowance of 1,500 euros for all forces relevant in the crisis.

The FP leader still emphasized that the government was still available to close ranks. However, what does not work must also be said. For Hofer, this is the financial aid promised to the economy. All of these funds have not yet flowed, companies would fear for their existence. Hofer: “We have a patient who has been sent to Quarantne but is refused food.”

Wrong decisions made by Anschober

Behind the government’s communications, Hofer primarily sees marketing. Ministers produced the same speech bubbles at daily press conferences and interviews. The FP boss also missed honesty, specifically when announcing measures. Health minister Rudolf Anschober (Grne) would have made wrong decisions in many areas, Hofer believes, had the crisis team not given him better advice.

Hofer also criticizes the government’s dealings with the opposition. All decisions had been supported by the National Council, but their own proposals had not been accepted. “There are excellent politicians in these parties who all make excellent proposals,” said the FP chairman, highlighting SP boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner. Conversely, he doubted whether all ministers of the VP Green government are currently in the right place.

Hofer also warned against building “mass quarters” for newly arrived refugees right now. In this case, too, he accuses the government of misinforming the population. The free club boss Herbert Kickl had previously called for quarantine for asylum seekers and the suspension of asylum law. “Austria did not deserve such lies,” said FP general secretary Michael Schnedlitz on the communication line at Vienna International Airport.

“Laugh number”

Schnedlitz also believes that Austria is currently the “laughing stock in the international media about our crisis management”. In an international comparison, you are in fifth place, as far as the relative proportion of the infected is concerned – “you can no longer argue”. The federal government also accused Schnedlitz of “negligence”, however: “We are still available for a national ruling.”

The FP is now demanding a “crisis allowance” similar to that for retail employees for all “system maintainers”, that is to say also for health personnel. Incidentally, the restrictions should be relaxed “as early as possible”, but before the peak of the wave this is not feasible, Hofer agrees. After the crisis, it is then a matter of reflecting on “real values”. Hofer: “The contribution of the gender officers to the development of this country will be rather small.”



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