France – World | Michel Cymes called in reinforcements in hospital to fight against the virus


Michel Cymes, ENT doctor and TV host, who has been seen and heard frequently in the media lately, was called in to help nurses in hospitals.

For security reasons, his ENT consultations at the Georges-Pompidou European Hospital (Paris XV) had been canceled. But it was part of the health reserve.

He explained Wednesday evening on the set of “C a vous” on France 5: “For the moment we didn’t need to go, and this afternoon, I received an email asking me if I “was willing to provide nursing care in the departments in which nurses are working.” And to add: “And that, I find it extraordinary, because I will do it, obviously, like all my fellow volunteers.”

He says he wants to put himself “on the level of what is expected” of him. “We are expected to relieve the nurses and not to practice medicine. We are not asked to examine patients, but nursing, infusions, aids. And that is what we are going to do” , he said in “C to you.”

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