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Syma Mobile is one of the MVNOs offering 4G plans on the mobile phone market. The virtual operator is appreciated for its wide range of 4G offers, as well as for its attractive prices. From 1 to 100 GB of data, Syma Mobile meets all needs for a value for money that remains very reasonable. In addition, the mobile operator uses Orange 4G infrastructure. This is therefore a guarantee in terms of the quality of services offered. What are the advantages of these non-binding packages? Summary of Syma Mobile’s mobile offers, for small and large data addicts.

Cheap Syma Mobile plan: 1 GB of data for € 1.90 / month

Syma Mobile offers a first cheap plan including 1 GB of data in France. A 700 MB web envelope is also planned for trips within European countries and overseas departments. It is therefore strongly advised here to deactivate roaming abroad to avoid possible off-plans. The 4G offer is also offered without obligation: the user can therefore cancel your Syma Mobile plan whenever he wants and at a lower cost.

The cheap Syma Mobile plan is € 1.90 / month

Cheap mobile plan

from€ 1.9

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The communications included in the cheap package do not reach new heights. The operator actually plans 2 hours of calls only within the borders of the Metropolis, to the overseas departments, as well as from Europe. This 4G offer without commitment So takes advantage of a great place in the packages for children and adolescents. At monthly rate of € 1.90, it allows you to take advantage of the essentials for people who do not wish to invest large sums in their mobile plans. In addition, SMS and MMS are offered here without limit in mainland France, to the overseas departments, as well as from Europe.

The cheap Syma Mobile package in broad outline:

  • monthly rate of € 1.90;
  • non-binding offer;
  • 1 GB of data in mainland France, including 700 MB for travel in Europe and the French overseas departments;
  • 2 hours of calls planned within mainland France, to the overseas departments, as well as from Europe;
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS from the previously mentioned destinations.
Child phone plan

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Loads of data at bargain prices with Syma Mobile 40 and 60 GB plans

The MVNO also displays two 4G plans for people requiring a larger volume of data. The first mobile plan thus includes 40 GB of data for € 9.90 / month only. The second 4G offer focuses on 60 GB of data for a monthly rate of € 15.90. The two mobile subscriptions are similar in terms of communications. Calls, SMS and MMS are therefore unlimited in mainland France, to the overseas departments, as well as from Europe. Syma Mobile displays a cheap 40 GB data plan

4G mobile plan

from€ 9.9

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The user can also count on a web envelope for his trips to European countries and the French overseas departments. The first no-obligation plan then provides 4 GB of data from these destinations, while the second displays 6 GB under the same conditions. The virtual operator also benefits from a Syma Mobile customer area: My Syma. This effectively allows all subscribers to manage their mobile plan, and subscribe to new additional options at any time. With a digital service, the MVNO therefore promises to subscribe to the most competitive mobile plans on the market.

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Data madness with the cheap Syma Mobile plan: 100 GB for € 19.90 / month

Syma Mobile presents a latest more specific cheap package including no less than 100 GB of data in mainland France. This 4G offer is therefore reserved for people with poor Wi-Fi at their home. An internet speed test is therefore advised before subscribing to this mobile offer. A 100 GB package can then allow you to focus on connection sharing, instead of betting on an internet box with insufficient speeds.

The cheap Syma Mobile plan provides no less than 100 GB of data

4G mobile plan

from€ 19.9

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Here, 8 GB of data is provided for travel within Europe and the overseas departments. It is therefore more reasonable for the user to be able to estimate their data consumption on mobile. The proposed web envelope is certainly quite substantial, but the number of GB can easily drop with certain web activities on mobile. Depending on the result, the subscriber must therefore be very vigilant during his mops in these destinations. He must also check the 4G compatibility of his smartphone for the foreigner. Finally, all communications are unlimited within the Metropolis, to the French overseas departments and from Europe.

The Syma Mobile 100 GB plan in brief:

  • monthly rate of € 19.90;
  • non-binding offer;
  • 100 GB of data in mainland France, including 8 GB planned within Europe and the French overseas departments;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, overseas departments and from the European Union.
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