“Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate: Is Vivian seriously ill? – TV


“Germany’s Next Top Model” started almost too well on Thursday evening to be true. But then the drama followed very quickly.

Heidi Klums (46) candidates were finally allowed to move into the pompous model villa and found everything there that a sea-girl heart desires: an extra sneaker room, model photo bedding for everyone and a true armada of brand new and exclusive handbags.

 The girls were allowed to move into this luxury villa Photo: ProSieben / Richard Hubner

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The girls were allowed to move into this luxury villaPhoto: ProSieben / Richard Hubner

They caused such a commotion that there was even an injury in the rush! Larissa (19) was knocked down by Nasty (20) and complained of a wound on the leg. The first Zoff already followed: Was that intentional?

However, one of the candidates became noticeably quieter and more withdrawn: Vivian (21). When choreographer Micky K. rehearsed a catwalk with dance with the models, her tears flowed: “My health is not good. I always get a stomachache. I don’t know where it comes from! “

Tears flowed here at Vivian's big GNTM makeover. This time she cried because her health was not good

Tears flowed here at Vivian’s big GNTM makeover. This time she cried because her health was not good

She had to sit down and turned to Micky: “My gut. I just can’t move anymore! ”He changed from a hard-core choreographer to a comforter:“ We can do it all! Health is the most important thing!”

Lijana (23), however, once again had no pity and sounded: “You just have to look. If you are sick, you should stay at home! “

 GNTM candidate Lijana Photo: ProSieben / Richard Hubner

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GNTM candidate LijanaPhoto: ProSieben / Richard Hubner

The next day we went to the photo shoot in the desert. Star photographer Kristian Schuller (49) came up with something very special: “Colored powder will explode around you. Just don’t close your eyes, it’s all organic! ”

When the group around Vivian fought with green powder, Heidi used the moment to talk to her about her state of health. She said: “I have had this pain for about ten years. Sometimes I can’t walk anymore. There is a suspicion that Crohn’s disease (an inflammatory bowel disease, editor’s note). My father had that too. “

 GNTM candidate Vivian has had health issues for some time Problems with Photo: ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

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GNTM candidate Vivian has been struggling with health problems for a long timePhoto: ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

Heidi immediately listened: “Are you sure that this is not a parasite? According to my story, I always think straight away that it could be a parasite. ”Her suggestion:“ We’ll have your chair checked by the specialist I had! ”

Ready to add her mustard again: Lijana. “So, if you have such a disease, you should choose exactly which profession to choose. I would have chosen another profession for myself! ”

Model mom Heidi showed a little more empathy: she sent Vivian a big gift into the villa and thus caused a burst of joy among the girls: “The shit test is here! Happy Birthday! ”And Vivian took the whole thing with humor:“ I think it’s nice that Heidi wishes me good luck on the card! ”

However, the test alone did not result in less pain, because Vivian was not ready for use in the next samples.

Her group member Lijana hypocritically advised: “Have a little first and then try again later. Your health comes first! ”Then, a short time later, let their glee run free:“ I will not withdraw now. It is good when all eyes are on me, then maybe I can distract from the others! In the end, Vivian has to justify himself to Heidi. “

 Maureen, Vivian, Lijana and Nadine ( from left to right during the photo shoot with colored powder Photo: ProSieben / Richard Hubner

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Maureen, Vivian, Lijana and Nadine (from left to right) at the photo shoot with color powderPhoto: ProSieben / Richard Hubner