Greta Thunberg suspects Corona and takes action


Stockholm –

Climate activist Greta Thunberg (17) has now spoken out on the corona crisis with a moving post on Instagram.

Greta suspects that she was infected with Covid-19. Although you cannot be tested for the virus in your home town of Stockholm, the 17-year-old takes a drastic measure.

Thunberg suspects that she was infected on her last trip to Europe, which also went to Germany. Almost ten days ago, she first felt symptoms that remind the young Swede of the corona virus.

Greta Thunberg takes a drastic step because of Corona

But several days before the illness, Greta Thunberg decided to take a consistent step. When she first suspected that she might have been infected with Covid-19 when she returned to Stockholm two weeks ago, the 17-year-old went into voluntary quarantine.

Far from her mother and sister, she isolated herself in a specially rented apartment, she explains in the social media post.

The fears then appeared to be confirmed. Because her father, who had traveled to Brussels with her, also felt the first symptoms shortly thereafter, at about the same time as her.

“I felt tired, had a cold shower, sore throat and coughed,” she wrote. “My father had the same symptoms, but much more intense and with a fever.”

In Sweden, you cannot have yourself tested for Covid-19 unless you need urgent medical help.

“That’s why I haven’t been tested on Covid-19, but given the symptoms and circumstances, it is extremely likely that I have had it.”

Greta Thunberg: That makes the corona virus even more dangerous

In the meantime, she has recovered, added Thunberg. She hardly felt sick – a fact that only made the coronavirus even more dangerous, said the activist. “Many (especially young people) may feel no or very mild symptoms. Then they don’t know that they have the virus and can pass it on to people in risk groups. ”

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That comes with a responsibility: “We who do not belong to a risk group have an enormous responsibility. For many others, our actions can make the difference between life and death. ”

Thunberg traveled to various European cities in February and early March to take part in climate demonstrations, speak in the European Parliament and take pictures for a BBC documentary.

In Hamburg she protested with tens of thousands of people for more climate protection just before the local elections there. (jv / dpa)

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