his former teacher “forced to work until death”


She was director of the Star Academy during season 8 of the program, but especially a voice teacher during the first 3 seasons broadcast on TF1. Today, Armande Altaï is 75 years old, and she is still working. Because she has no choice. This is what she revealed during an interview given to Jordan De Luxe on Non Stop People.

“I have 900 euros of retirement”

The lady with the bun Pompadour explained: “I am not rich. I have no money”. And to add: “I have 900 euros of retirement”. A difficult situation and yet, Armande Altaï believes: “But that is the marginal artists, those who do not do things that work. I will be forced to work until death. I do not earn so much money” .

But then where did the money that gave him the production of the famous TV hook of the 2000s go? Armande Altaï details: “In 2001, it was still francs and I received 30,000 francs (around 4,500 euros at the time, note), half of which went to taxes. Which is normal at the same time time”.

And then, for the rest, she says “It’s gone in life”. Passionate about her job, she confides: “I repaired things, bought instruments. With this money, we do less lessons and more music”. And the one who now considers herself “an old car in need of repair” always has the gift of staying flirtatious. She who has always displayed a very identifiable baroque look often does the recycling to dress. She even says: “Sometimes these are curtains that I take down, that I hang with a few safety pins”.

She made so many careers

As a reminder, well before discovering Gregory Lemarchal and offering it for season 4 of Star Academy on TF1, at the castle, Armande Altaï had accompanied Nolwenn Leroy to victory, during season 2, in 2002. In 2012, she was full of praise for the Breton singer ensuring that she could “sing anything, lyric or onomatopoeia”. And to compliment: “we felt that she had a background and a gift. I never heard her make a false note. She is a real musician”. She was not mistaken …

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