“His last wish is to see Archie”


New family drama

For Duchess Meghan also seems after her Moved to Canada no rest. The media are still full of reports about Prince Harry’s wife, but hardly any headline is positive. And also the Worry about Harry’s father Prince Charles, who has been infected with the dangerous corona virus, is likely to strain the 38-year-old. After all, the relationship between her and the future heir to the throne always seemed good, the 71-year-old even accompanied her on her wedding to the altar.

And her own father? It has been with him for months Radio silence. Thomas Markle rarely missed an opportunity to talk about his daughter and the difficult relationship in the media. Even one emotional letter, which the former actress wrote to him at the time, he appeared widely in the media – and Meghan drew her consequences. The 38-year-old broke all contact with her father, he also has his grandson Archie never seen.

Half-brother demands: Meghan should apologize!

A decision for which Duchess Meghan is now receiving criticism – from her half-brother Thomas Jr., who now spoke to the British portal “express” about the family dispute. He apologized for interfering in the Zoff, but at the same time asked his half-sister to apologize to their father:

I really think that Meghan come down from their high horse, call her father and make amends. The man took care of her a whole life. Where it is today, it is because of it. That’s the only reason and I think enough is enough

so the accusation of Thomas Jr.

More about the mess between Meghan & her father:

Thomas Markle’s last wish is to see Archie

But that’s not all: Thomas Markle sadly declared a few months ago that he didn’t understand why he couldn’t see his grandson. He asked “Mail on Sunday”: “Why can’t I see Archie?” To date, he has not even received a photo.

To date, the 75-year-old is said to suffer from it, as his son further revealed:

The last wish is my father, he told me on the phone that he could make amends and see Archie. And having his daughter back in his life – I mean, we owe him that!

“He may have a few more good years”

Meghan’s half-brother appeals to his sister’s reason, because her father would not live forever, Thomas continues:

Honestly, he has maybe a few more good years ahead. I talked to him and that might sound hurtful, but he’s now at a point where he doesn’t care if she comes back or not. He is so frustrated that he can’t even write to her. He is still confused and feels lost. He is so sad about how he will spend the rest of his life.

Can the words of her half-brother Duchess Meghan make you give in? Questionable, because the 38-year-old already did that Break with her father clear what she thinks of it when her family goes public again and again. What her half brother has done again …

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