his tense exchange with a surfer


Requisitioned in a Parisian hospital to welcome patients contaminated by the Covid-19 coronavirus, Marine Lorphelin, who is destined for a career as a general practitioner, expressed doubts about chloroquine in Instagram story. A comment that earned him a rather tense exchange with a user.

The chloroquine treatment, whose merits Professor Didier Raoult praises, is at the heart of many controversies this week. While a handful of researchers believe the drug could save patients infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus, the majority of medical professionals are cautious about these claims. This is particularly the case for Marine Lorphelin. Internal in medicine, the former Miss France has positioned herself on the subject on Instagram, at the risk of displeasing some of her subscribers.

“Just to say that the famous study on hydroxychloroquine has a VERY low level of evidence, many biases … We should not be based on” presentiments “, subjective elements, and politicians should not enter the therapeutic debate ! “, rebelled the future bride in story. “You’re right Marine … When in doubt, it’s better to let people die,” replied a surfer, visibly annoyed by the young woman’s position. Far from losing its calm in the face of this attack, Miss France 2013 preferred to make this exchange public in order to explain its point.

“Your comments are completely disproportionate. This is by no means what I said,” she replied, before continuing, “We also treat some patients with this famous” treatment “but we must be measured and aware that the study is not enough AT ALL to affirm its effectiveness and above all it is INADMISSIBLE that people allow themselves to give their opinion on

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