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Last night, Tal emerged from his media silence to give news and take from his community of fans during a live broadcast on Instagram. I follow the countryside, in Alsace, I hope that you are all well confined. it’s going very well, we take the time to live, we make music, paint says the 30-year-old singer, who has decided to take a break and get away from social networks. I wanted to tell you my story because you are very much not knowing my real story before explaining her beginnings, she explained: At 19, I meet a producer who says to me: “Go ahead, I like your voice too much, you have something”. I had models of songs in English, stuff. She said to me: “You have to sing in French, we are in France otherwise it will not work, you will not be able to live from your passion”. I say no, “I don’t like singing in French, I can’t do it, it’s not me”, in short it turns my brain around and in the end, I cd .

“I was young, nave, easily influenced”

She then remembered her first difficult steps in the studio to sing in French: I had a lump in my throat, like when you want to cry. I was having too much trouble, I forced myself. It was with her that I made “The meaning of life”, “We advance”, the whole first album . Tal then explained his visibly very complicated relationship with his former producer, whom she describes as great manipulator : I was young, nave, influenced, I let myself be manipulated. I was galling with my mother, I worked in a shoe shop part-time . Signed at Warner Music France, the artist then bowed his back in the hope of one day being free to offer his real musical universe to the public: I did what I was told to do, I never listened to myself. Never. I always listened to what others told me to do. Yes, there was success, it was a wacky thing (…) In the 3rd album, I had carte blanche to do a little more what I want .

“A big disaster”

Wishing to be transparent with his fans, Tal came back on his latest album “Juste un rve”, released in 2018 and lead by the single “Mondial”. A project that was born in pain according to the singer: 4th album, a big disaster, I was completely lost, I still didn’t listen to myself, I was lying to myself. I was in a trick: “I have to make songs in French for the fans, otherwise they will not understand anything, I will lose everything” . But the interpreter of “DNA” did not want to say more: I gave you the details of the fourth album which was really really a disaster. But no disaster because it did not work, I do not care, if you knew how much I do not care that did not work. If you knew what happened behind it all, my god. It wasn’t me at all. Not at all me, not at all my vibe .Tal now revealed that she was no longer a sign at Warner and that she no longer worked with the same team. I need to be myself (…) We did not have the same vision, we did not have the same values ā€‹ā€‹(…) I can no longer work with people like that, I need to know what I want, without anyone’s influence. I just need to be in sync with who I am she said with relief. Today Tal wants to find this pleasure of singing (his) songs on stage and no longer wants to go into boxes. Alone, she is currently preparing a new EP in English, which will be released completely independent via its own label.

Watch Tal confide in his career:

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