“I would have been ready for the Euro … but they had to cancel it”


Eden Hazard is currently confined to Madrid with his wife and four children. We were able to contact him to hear from him, but also to know the progress of his injury and his feelings about the postponement of the Euro. As usual, Eden is serene. The Real Madrid player makes fun of many things, while being aware that in the face of the health crisis in the world and especially in Spain where he lives, he is among the privileged. Interview with the Captain of the Devils.

But how’s it going Eden Hazard ? ” It’s okay ! I stay at home, I take care of myself. It’s better, we removed the stitches a week ago. There I work a little more, I can walk so it’s going well!

I would have arrived in shape at the Euro whatever happened

In what way or even this carryover of the Euro from a personal point of view? ” I expected to be there at the Euro, so I was disappointed that it was postponed. I had planned to do it, I had my surgery a few weeks ago, so for me, I was going to be good at the Euro. We’ll all be a year older, which is a shame, but for my ankle it’s sure it will get me back in shape. I think it’s difficult for football fans. Everyone wants to see an international competition in the summer, for them it’s a shame but I think there are priorities in life that make them have to cancel. We’re like everyone else, we’ll wait until next year.

In Belgium, many saw in this postponement of the Euro the assurance of your presence … ” I was going to be there, I was going to do everything necessary to be in shape from the first matches. I should have worked a lot but during the two months I was injured, I have already worked a lot … I would have arrived at the Euro in good shape whatever happened. I would have had a lack of rhythm that’s clear, but quality is not lost “he says laughing, winking at the support.

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Will the national team be stronger or weaker in 2021? ” It’s true that the defense will be a year older, but I will also be a year older and Lukaku too! Everybody. Then we can take it as a year older or a year more experience. Of course, in our defense, the players are not 20 years old but they will have more experience. It’s up to them to have a good year in the club and when they get to the Euro at the end of the year, let them be on top. But I don’t worry, the quality is there, whether you are 25 or 35. You may be just a little less cool when you chain the matches but they are professionals, they manage.

One more year is also one more year of experience

What deadline to prepare now? Both concerning the La Liga and the Champions League? ” I’m waiting. I got Zidane on the phone yesterday, he doesn’t know either. We, what we can do is keep fit, all players have equipment for that. Will La Liga resume? We do not know. We hope there was a great end to the season to play. If we don’t resume, everyone will be disappointed, but that’s how it is.

Fear of catching the virus? ” I’m not saying I can’t catch it, but I’m staying at home, there’s no one coming … We don’t see anyone. It would still be difficult to catch it. But if I catch it I’ll try to heal myself. Yes, I’m a little afraid of catching it like everyone else, but I’m especially afraid of passing it on to others, it’s more delicate. After that, we have people to take care of us. I worry about the weaker people who have more trouble, yes.

The coronavirus? I especially worry about the weaker people

With injuries, a complicated start to the season, Eden did not live the beginnings he dreamed of in the club of his dreams. ” My first season at Real is bad. But not everything is to be thrown away. It was an adaptation season. I will be judged on the second season. It’s up to me to be in good shape next year. In any case, the group is good. I discovered new people. For me it’s a great experience. I still have four years of contract. I hope I will be in great shape. “

We asked Eden to imagine her second goal in the colors of Real. “I don’t know if there will be a second one already “is he kidding.” I just want to get back to the field as quickly as possible. When I score, I will score. And I will be happy.

A little message to Belgian supporters? “Let the Belgians take their troubles patiently. Football is something important. But there are more serious things. Let everyone stay at home. It’s difficult. When the matches come back, we will be relieved and we can have fun.

Take pleasure, this is a sentence that definitely sticks to the Devil’s skin … at all times!

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