Idris Elba responds curtly to Cardi B on coronavirus


Posted on March 25, 2020, 4:57 p.m.

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A few hours ago, Cardi B spoke to discuss a hypothetical plot around the coronavirus. Everything was done in a humorous way, and yet it was not enough to avoid criticism. Including that of Idris Elba, recently tested positive for COVID-19 with his wife.

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Cardi B takes his feet in the carpet

There are subjects on which it is difficult to pronounce. The coronavirus epidemic that is hitting the planet with full force is undoubtedly one of them, and Cardi B has learned this the hard way. In a publication relayed on social networks, Idris Elba, himself affected by the coronavirus, was particularly skeptical about the remarks made by Offset’s wife recently. In a video posted on Instagram, the interpreter of Bodak Yellow had more or less invoked a conspiracy theory: I’m beginning to wonder if you guys would be paying n ***** to say they have it. If you pay n ***** to say they have it, pay me too.

The star of The Wire has not tasted this outing, and reports: I think that this negativity around screening tests is counterproductive. I don’t see what people can get out of this. And also, the idea that someone like me could be paid to say they have coronavirus. This is bullshit, it’s such stupidity. And people will take it back as if it were news. It’s stupid, it’s the quickest way to make people get sick. There is no benefit to me and Sabrina in saying that we caught it when it didn’t. I don’t even understand the logic behind this.

Idris Elba gets angry

Talking about COVID-19 in the Oprah Talks show on Apple TV, the actor wanted to add a layer: I prefer to go out with a positive test, knowing that people will get something out of it, you know, the fact that we’re trying to get out of it. You know what, stop trolling, stop spreading false information. Stop, you know, writing these incredible stories, these conspiracy theories.

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