In a “zebra stripe look”: Possible third shirt from Manchester United leaked


The soccer world is at a standstill due to the corona crisis. But like every year at this time, the club’s new jerseys are leaked. Now a “leak” of the possible new alternative shirt from Manchester United appeared on Twitter.

Is it going Footy headlines Apparel supplier Adidas is said to have planned the third jersey in a zebra stripe design with a red collar and red ends on the sleeves.

“The worst shirt I’ve ever seen”

The reactions of the “Red Devils” fans in the social networks were rather negative. “I wouldn’t wish that on any of our rivals,” wrote one social media user.


Another tweet says: “I don’t know how, but I think they managed to make next season’s away jersey even more disgusting than this season’s.” Another Twitter user goes even further: “It will be one of these jerseys that they will show players in an interview in 20 years time to embarrass them.”

For another fan, it is “without a doubt the worst shirt I’ve ever seen in my life!”

How do you like the possible third shirt from Manchester United?

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