In this otter vs. fight caiman, the winner is surprising


ANIMALS – Otters are among the cute animals preferred by Internet users. We did not expect to find them in a fight to the death between “big predators”. Yet this is the case: National Geographic teams captured the above images in the Peruvian wilderness and released a captivating clip on YouTube this week.

This fight has a rather unexpected outcome: the caiman, which one can think much more dangerous than the otters, has not managed to stay alive.

Thanks to a “pack” attack, the giant otters – as formidable as they are fierce – manage to defeat the one they thought was favorite.

There are thirteen species of otters in the world, and the giant otter as its name suggests is the most imposing. In Latin America, they are nicknamed “river wolves”. They can measure up to 1.50m and weigh more than 30kg. In this region of the world, they are almost at the top of the food chain. But this species almost disappeared due to human activity in the 1970s.

Today, giant otters in South America are still threatened by humans. According to WWF, there are between 2,000 and 5,000 individuals.

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