Interest rates in the corona virus crisis: Interest rates for savings rise slightly again – economy


It’s like a message from another time: savers finally get something for their money! Interest rates are still very low – but after years of mini-rate policy, hope is growing!

The call money interest rate climbs up to 0.60 percent, the one-year fixed deposit is again up to 1.05 percent. The reason for the slow rise: the corona virus!

Because: “The institutes are increasingly providing themselves with liquidity. This applies in particular to banks and financial service providers who are directly connected to companies, ”says Daniel Franke, operator of the specialist portal

▶ ︎ means:

In the past ten days, seven overnight and 12 fixed-term deposit providers have increased their interest rates, in some cases significantly.

Read how high the interest rates are at the moment here.

Statistics: What does Corona mean for my money? - infographic

So you get for Overnight allowance at the Swedish Klarna Bank currently 1.05 percent interest, at the LeasePlan Bank 0.45 percent and also directly at the Renault Bank 0.45 percent.

At the Time deposit (24 months fixed) LeasePlan Bank now pays 1.10 percent, Karna-Bank (fixed for 12 months) 1.05 percent and SWK Bank (fixed for 6 months) 0.65 percent interest.

It remains to be seen whether this is actually a turnaround. So far, there has been no announcement that large banks and savings banks will follow suit.

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