Is Disney + worth it if I already have Netflix & Co.?


In addition to the large US streaming services, there are also smaller local offers such as Joyn and media libraries on the German market. The selection is huge and with just one provider, for many users it is not the case anyway. After Apple TV + did not cause much of a stir recently, Disney + is now starting in Germany. Compared to the iPhone manufacturer’s offer, the Mickey Mouse company comes around the corner with top-class licenses and a strong portfolio. So who should access?

Does Disney + and Netflix make sense together?

Netflix is ​​the most used streaming service in Germany and probably offers the most extensive range for the general public. Even if you don’t subscribe to an additional service, the question arises whether the mix of Netflix and free services such as YouTube and the media libraries are not entirely sufficient. If you look at the sheer number of hours that these programs fill, it would really not require another service. but that is not the point. Because in the end it is quality and not quantity that decides.

And that is exactly what puts streaming customers in a dilemma. The more providers there are, the more licenses and thus interesting series and films are distributed among different offers. A good example of this is Disney, which has pulled its Marvel films off Netflix and is now broadcasting on Disney +.

What shouldn’t be forgotten in the whole thing: The cake is not always divided up, it also grows with every provider. The so-called originals, i.e. own productions, have become the core business of many streaming providers. Because only these series and films really differ from the offer of the competition. And this is exactly where the competition stimulates business. Only those who produce the best content can be sure of customer favor. Netflix productions such as “House of Money” secure subscribers for years.

Disney also has great potential in the Originals area. The series “The Mandalorian” was especially hotly awaited at the start. In addition, the company has many exciting licenses and, above all, enough money to produce diligently. And that’s exactly why the question of whether Disney + also makes sense in connection with Netflix can be answered in the affirmative. In the end you have to be clear about how much money you want / can spend. We recommend that you calculate the cost based on the usage time. For example, if you use a subscription for 7 euros a month for 10 hours, you get a good cost-benefit ratio. In addition, several streaming offers can be seen for little money.

Alternate subscriptions

You can also use the program of several services without spending a lot of money. If you plan well, you can happily switch between different subscriptions thanks to the monthly cancellation option. So you simply plan to watch certain series and films on Netflix in the coming month, while the following month it can be Disney +, Amazon Prime Video or another service. It is only important to organize yourself well and not to take out annual subscriptions.

You can find out what the individual providers offer for a program, which subscriptions they advertise and what they cost per month in our large comparison of video streaming providers.

Get your own picture

In order to be able to decide whether the Disney + program really suits your taste, we have written down the series and films that are available at the start. In our opinion, there is enough to see, but too little new. That is sufficient for the first time, if there are relevant interests. Nevertheless, Disney + is under pressure and should deliver promptly and regularly. The start program can be found here:

Disney + streaming service – these series and films start today!

If you want to test the Disney + program, you can do this for one week free of charge. Thereafter, access costs 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year.

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