Italian businessman supports Cristiano Ronaldo in the face of criticism for visiting his mother


Cristiano Ronaldo has had severe criticism on social networks for a trip to Portugal to see his mother. This was when he was supposed to return to Italy to rejoin Juventus.

The harsh comment against the Portuguese striker was in charge of Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, former Juventus manager, who specified that Cristiano Ronaldos trip to visit his mother was only to “sunbathe”.



The soccer player’s followers; However, they have come out in his favor and have shot the businessman, since they assure that what Cristiano Ronaldo did would be done by anyone in his position. So also sees it Lapo Elkann, Italian businessman who on his social networks attacked Giovanni Cobolli Gigli.

“Estimago Cobolli, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been in solidarity with everyone. In addition, Cristiano, along with Jorge Mendes, enabled 35 intensive care places at the Porto and Lisbon hospitals, “said the businessman.

“Instead of criticizing only for visibility, doesn’t it seem appropriate to set an example and thank Cristiano and all those who are doing a lot in the face of this emergency? Christian, we love you ”, concluded Lapo Elkann. The Juventus player made an express visit to the island of Madeira on Tuesday March 3 to see his mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Viveiros de Aveiro, who in early March suffered a cerebrovascular accident.

Lapo Elkann

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