“It’s during these moments that we write songs” says singer M


The singer M offers Thursday, March 26 afternoon a “confinement concert” for children, to follow on Facebook live.

Deprived of the stage, confinement requires, the singer -M- decided to give a concert on Thursday March 26th from his living room, broadcast live on Facebook at 4.30pm. A “big little concert” special for children in front of internet users.

“It’s a return to yourself, it’s during these moments that we write songs”, told franceinfo Matthieu Chedid, alias -M-. Last Friday, the singer and guitarist was already staged in an acoustic live, always from his living room, with his daughter. “I saw that it was good for people, also good to sing. I think it is the role of artists, to be able to bring a little melodies and poetry in this context”, he explained.

franceinfo: What did the spectators of this live show last Friday tell you in the comments?

Matthieu Chedid: I was a bit overwhelmed. There were really many on the phone. I think there was quite simply a vibration of love, a little tenderness, melodies, colors. And music, which is pretty vital in those moments too. We saw you experimenting, apologizing for catching up on you because it’s been a while since you’ve played this or that song…

Is there a slightly exposed side?

These completely exceptional moments lead to proposals of the same kind. Indeed, I might never have naked with my daughter in the living room in another context. That brings us to a certain humanity and fragility, to assume more. That is what is interesting. Me, I tend to see the positive everywhere despite many very hard things to live. In this experience, there are positive things and initiations to emerge.

This Thursday afternoon, are you playing for the kids?

Yes, I told myself that there must be a lot of them who would like to want to change their minds a bit. And then I am a child myself in a way. This concert is also for parents, of course. But I’m going to focus my songs a little more on children.

How do you go about making song choices?

I use social media. I ask people to suggest songs to me. Afterwards, I make my little summary to choose in order to make a sort of list. So I asked the parents to leave me messages with the titles of their children’s favorite songs inside. And There you go. There are very obvious songs like “Le soldat rose” or “La Seine” which are intended for children, but there are others, a little more rare, which we think less of.

Does confinement give you more time to write?

Yes, we realize that we slow down time a little and that there are much less movements, passages. It’s a return to self, it’s during these moments that we write songs. It’s a bit premature, but now I’m writing a song about what’s going on right now. These are pretty intense moments of inspiration.

What will you do when you get out of containment?

I’m obviously going to do concerts, because I was on tour when the confinement was decreed, and we had to postpone. So, hoping that everything will take on a more human and unifying feel, I should go back on tour from this summer or in September. In any case, I hope to find people and make them dance, sing, dream a little.

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