It’s time to discover the richness of Belgian cinema


The operation Belgian cinema at home wants to demonstrate to confined moviegoers that our production can also be funny, quirky, inventive.

The Americans are the first to have understood this: the coronavirus epidemic risks turning cinemas into a desert for quite a while. To avoid losing money, you had to change your rifle and offer blockbusters on VOD or streaming platforms on the day of their scheduled cinema release.

In Belgium, the reaction did not take long either. Several independent distributors have followed suit by offering to discover their catalog of new products on VOD on VOD Voo, Proximums Pickx VOD,, or An initiative amplified by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, via the launch of a site, an Instagram account and a promotion campaign on the theme Belgian cinema at home (

The idea? “To allow everyone to easily find the films, the site lists all the platforms where the films are available and mentions useful information for each film (trailer, synopsis, technical sheet). A section also lists the offers – free and paid – French-speaking Belgian films (feature films, short films, documentaries) available on the various platforms.“An interesting way to show the richness of Belgian cinema but also its diversity, far from the clichés on “social films with a bicycle in Seraing”.

Concretely, six fictions will benefit from an additional spotlight for the attention of moviegoers confined to the house. Two that we talked about this weekend, since this is a new work (Jumbo, by Zoé Wittock, a fable about our passion for objects and technology) and another which could only be screened for two days (Losers Revolution, a very crazy and surreal comedy by Thomas Ancora).

Four other feature films whose careers have been cut short in theaters are also featured: Pompei, a sentimental tale by Anna Falguères and John Shank, Girls of joy, a drama on prostitution by Frédéric Fonteyne and Anne Paulicevich, Adoration, the tremendous regional thrill of Fabrice du Welz and Lucky, the comedy to the West by Olivier Van Hoofstadt with Florence Foresti and Michael Youn.

So there is something for everyone. And for all the curious.

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