Jan Jambon wants to see more people at work: “It is too easy to get economic unemployment”


Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (N-VA) wants to see more people at work, notably in the construction and service vouchers sectors, where he says the mechanism of temporary unemployment is sometimes too quickly requested , he told the Flemish Parliament on Wednesday.

The Flemish government has no plans at present to expand the current compensation system, added Jambon. “This does not mean that we do not keep an eye on all the other sectors: the self-employed, the cultural sector, the sports world, the youth and events sector, travel agencies, travel companies, ‘coaches, etc … which are naturally also concerned “, enumerated the minister-president. “I am committed to the fact that a measure will also be taken for these people. But the current compensation remains reserved for those who are forced to close following the measures taken by the National Security Council.”

According to Jambon, the focus must be on more economic activity. “If it can be done in safe conditions, we have to see more people at work again. I think it is too easy to get economic unemployment. It is also a good civic act to keep doing turn the company around. I therefore call on the private sector to take responsibility. “

Jan Jambon cites the construction and service voucher sectors as sectors where the rules of social distancing can be respected. “Most people can be upstairs when the cleaning lady is working downstairs. I think there is more work to be done than is done today.”

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