Janni Honscheid and Peer Kusmagk want to go back to Germany


Janni Honscheid and Peer Kusmagk are on vacation in Costa Rica. Still, you have to say. Because the couple had decided to just stay in Central America with their two children when the corona crisis worsened. The long return trip back to Germany didn’t feel right, the “Adam sucht Eva” couple explained beforehand. It was safer to stay in Costa Rica, it wrote on Instagram – and got a shit storm there for its decision. Now, however, the two row back: In a Skype interview with RTL, the parents explain that they want to go back to Germany as soon as possible. They also react to the sometimes harsh words that came up for their decision.

“If the German Foreign Minister is no longer sure how long he will still be allowed to fly over foreign countries, it sounds like a state of war, especially when you are not at home. I only know that from my grandparents’ stories about the war, that you can no longer fly over certain areas, “says Peer Kusmagk. Because of the exacerbated situation, the couple has now rethought and revised its decision. In an interview, the couple explains that they should return to Germany at the end of the week. The problem: It was not so easy to get to the airport from the peninsula where you currently live in a small house. Ferry traffic has ceased and it is no longer possible to stop by car because all hotels are closed, says Janni.

Janni and Peer want to start the long return journey in the middle of the Corona crisis

The alternative is to come from the jungle to the airport with a small private plane. Janni and Peer and their children are on the passenger list of one of the last Bundeswehr aircraft that is currently still flying tourists. If that does not work, the vacation of the two will probably be involuntarily extended even further.

The couple had recently caused a stir not only because of their stay in Costa Rica: Janni Honscheid also wrote to Oliver Pocher, who is currently making fun of influencers and vacationers. She wrote: “Shame on you, Oliver Pocher” and accused the comedian of bullying. Oliver Pocher’s wife Amira reacted to the posting, criticizing the couple for showing their children openly on their channels. The whole criticism does not leave the 29-year-old without a trace. In the RTL interview, Janni explains that you would never see everything on social media and wishes: “Everyone has their own story somehow. That’s why I want a little more empathy, especially on social networks.”

Sources used: Instagram Janni and Peer / Instagram Janni Honscheid / rtl.de

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