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On March 24, during the broadcast of the special program Kang Daniel Comeback Show CYAN from the Asian network Mnet, the K-pop idol underwent a hypnosis session.

The former member of Wanna One He regressed to his past life discovering that he had lived on an island during the Middle Ages.

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“I live on an island. I look a little different from the present, around 30 years old. My name is Wayne. I think the beginning of the millennium. Maybe I am a knight protecting a huge castle. I think I’m the king’s cousin. “

The hypnotherapist tells you Daniel King Daniel‘To give you more details of where you are and who is with you.

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“I am 30 years old, I was riding a horse, I am beaten. My sister and I ran towards the ravine,” explains the 23-year-old K-pop idol, to later describe a confrontation.

“There was a boat there, but there was only one left. I picked up my sister and urged her to go. I continued to flee from the pursuers. Arrows were shot at me, I was hit by one to the left of the neck. ”

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Later, the specialist asks Kang Daniel if in his past lives there was one in which he devoted himself to music or singing. The response of Daniel God Daniel“It is surprising, since he claimed it was a bird.

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“I am a brown owl. I am flying freely through the mountains. Impressive,” says the idol, for minutes after returning and ending the session feeling tired and hungry.

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