Katy Perry: It’s a girl!


Katy Perry, 35, and Orlando Bloom, 43, will be parents for the first time this year. Now the gender has been revealed …

Katy Perry: Her parents love Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry couldn’t be happier. With actor Orlando Bloom she found her Mr. Right and a baby is already on the way. It’s not just Katy who is totally fond of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. The singer’s parents also love her soon-to-be son-in-law:

Orlando is a great guy and she will be a good mom

such an insider from the family environment opposite “Star”. Keith Hudson, Katy’s father, is believed to be a happy man in choosing his son-in-law.

More about Katy & Orlando:

Wedding in japan?

Orlando and Katy have been a couple since 2016, with interruptions. Last year Orlando asked his loved ones the question of all questions on Valentine’s Day. According to “Star”, the two want to get married in Japan in June. But the corona virus could be the two put a spanner in the works.

So in the end it may be California

the father of Katy is said to have said “Star”. Even if the wedding plans don’t seem to be set yet, the proud parents should be sure of their child’s gender.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom: It’s a Girl!

If you believe the unknown source, Katy and Orlando are expecting a girl. Even the name of the little one should already be certain. Katy Perry’s child is said to have the name of her late friend Angelica Cob-Baehler. Is that really true? We will see …

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